Purchase Order Conditions & Instructions

  1. When an order is placed, it is subject to shipment at prices and amounts not in excess of those indicated on the printed purchase order.
  2. Each shipment must be shipped to the address and marked to the attention of the department name indicated on the face of the purchase order, labeled plainly with our purchase order number and show gross, tare, and net weight.
  3. A complete packing slip must accompany each shipment.
  4. Materials received in excess of the quantities specified on the purchase order may be, at our option, returned at shipper’s expense.
  5. Invoices showing purchase order number, terms of payment, and routing, must be mailed to us on the date of shipment.
  6. On all invoices subject to discount, the discount period will be calculated from the date of the invoice.
  7. Each invoice must be accompanied by the following papers:
    1. Original Bill of Lading when shipment is made by freight or express.
    2. Signed delivery receipt when delivery is made by passenger or truck.
    3. Parcel Post Insurance when shipment is made by parcel post and value is over $1.00
  8. All invoices and shipping papers are to be sent to:
    Wayne Community College
    Attn:  Office of Business Affairs
    P.O. Box 8002
    Goldsboro, NC 27533
  9. In cases where materials are shipped against an order by parties other than yourselves, shipper must be instructed to show our purchase order number on all packages and shipping manifests to insure prompt identification and payment of invoices.

Failure to comply with these conditions and instructions may delay payment of invoices.