Computer Information Technology

apply-on-campusBe prepared for a broad variety of employment opportunities and careers in today’s global and technology-based economy. Our program prepares you for employment with organizations that use computers to process, manage, and communicate information. You will study computer operations and terminology, operating systems, databases, networking, security, technical support and related business topics. Graduates should qualify for a wide variety of computer-related, entry-level positions that provide opportunities for advancement with increased experience and ongoing training. This is a flexible program designed to meet student scheduling needs through online and seated class formats. The national average salary for system software deployment and support professionals is $83,078.

Credentials available: Associate of Applied Science Degree, Diploma in Computer Information Technology, and Certificate in Software Applications.

Things to Consider: Students get hands-on experience with technologies such as Windows servers, Oracle databases, and Mac OS devices. Nearly all companies use computer technology of some sort. These technologies require deployment, management, and troubleshooting. This means nearly every organization is a potential source of employment for graduates with this degree.

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Degree Program
Computer Information Technology (A25260)

Certificate Program
Computer Information Technology – Software Applications Certificate (C25260SO)

Diploma Program
Computer Information Technology (D25260)

Gainful Employment Report
Computer Information Technology