Renita Dawson, Associate Vice President – Continuing Education Services
Angelia Warner Executive Secretary, Continuing Education Services
Monica Edwards Coordinator/Instructor, Occupational Extension Special Programs
Lisa Newkirk, Coordinator/Occupational Extension/Leisure & Recreational Programs
Bracey Parker, Coordinator/Instructor, Advanced Manufacturing Programs

Angela Wiggs, Director Admission and Records
Doris Alston, Admissions and Records Specialist I
Peggy Outlaw, Admissions and Records Technician
Maria Ridgon, Admissions and Records Technician

Nellie Pearsall, Director/Instructor, Allied Health
Terrie Wynn, Administrative Assistant/Allied Health

Alison Sanford, Director of HRD
Brandi Matthews, Instructor, HRD
Kelvin Parker, Instructor, HRD
Andrew Rose, Instructor, HRD
Alison Sanford, Instructor, HRD
Cynthia Spight, Instructor, HRD

Wayne Business and Industry Center
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Sonja Redmon, Director Basic Skills
Lynn Rabhan, Coordinator of Assessment and Admission
Sonja Redmon, AHS Coordinator
Leigh Goroski, Career/Transition Coach
Phil Crouthamel, GED Assessment Specialist
Darlene Andrey, Assessment
Harold Warren, Admissions & Records (Transcripts)
Angela Boyette, Instructor, Math
Erica Babb, Administrative Assistant
Amelia Hall, Recruitment and Retention Specialist
Michael McCrae, Instructor/AHS
David McKeel, Instructor/GED
Tim Rose, Instructor/GED
Kelly Dawson, Instructor/GED
Eddie Yelverton, Instructor/GED

Karen Burnette, Coordinator of Basic Skills Labs (The Literacy Center & CAT Lab), ESL Coordinator
Maria Abalo-Zarate, Coordinator ESL/Instructor
Theresa Bergmark, Administrative Team Leader
Sujatha Chittilla, Instructional Team Leader
Donna Moore, Instructional CRC and GED
Tiffanie Chase, Distance Learning

Beverly Deans, Division Chair, Law Enforcement/Public Safety
Kim Boswell, EMS Coordinator
Angie Blizzard, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator Public Safety
Steve Mozingo, Fire Services Coordinator
Michelle Rogers, Secretary

Cathi Stickles, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Director
Thaddeus Washington, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) OJT Specialist
Mona Stephens, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Career Advisor