Maria Abalo-Zarate

ESL Coordinator Basic Skills
Work WAL 202 Work Phone: 919 739-6924
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Kay Albertson

President Presidents Office
Work DOG-124 Work Phone: 919-739-7001
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Doris Alston

Public Safety Office Technician Public Safety
Work PIN 103 Work Phone: 919 739-6797
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Aletha Andrew

Director, Library Services Library Services
Work WLC-318B Work Phone: 919-739-6760
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Darlene Andrey

Assessment Specialist - Basic Skills Basic Skills
Work WAL 207G Work Phone: 919-739-6904
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Kelvin Artis

Computer Lab Coordinator Information Technology
Work MAG-215 Work Phone: 919 739-7033
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Erica Babb

Administrative Secretary Basic Skills
Work WAL 220 Work Phone: 919 739-6908
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Jeff Bailey

Grounds Maintenance Plant Management
Work Cedar Building Work Phone: 919-739-7041
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Jodi Baker

Early Childhood Education Instructor Public Services
Work AZA-320 Work Phone: 919-739-6794
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Warren Baker

Campus Police Officer Campus Police and Security
Work WLC-140 Work Phone: 919-739-7050
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Barbara Barfield

Accounting Specialist Business Affairs
Work DOG-134 Work Phone: 919-739-7092
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Marie Barnes

Reading Instructor Pre-Curriculum
Work WLC-244 Work Phone: 919-739-6828
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Mary Barnes

Campus Police Campus Police and Security
Work WALNUT Work Phone: 919 739-7050
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Rebecca Barnes

Coordinator/Allied Health Admissions Admissions & Records
Work WLC120 Work Phone: 919-739-6718
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Emily Barsh

Financial Aid Technician Financial Aid
Work WLC-123 Work Phone: 919 739-6735
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Joan Batts

Housekeeping Plant Management
Work WLC 1st Floor Work Phone: 919-739-7041
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Sue Beaman

Nursing Department Chair Nursing
Work PIN 211 Work Phone: 919-739-6784
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Mary Beauman

Housekeeping Plant Management
Work Airport/1st Floor Floater Work Phone: 919-739-7041
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Melanie Bell

Human Resources Specialist Human Resources
Work Phone: 919 739-6961
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Ralph Benedetto

Department Chair, Science Science
Work HOL-205 Work Phone: 919-739-6855
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