WCC Organizational Chart

Laura Skinner

Pharmacy Tech Program Director/InstructorPharmacy Technology
Work HOLLY-130 Work Phone: 919-739-6950

Melissa Smiley

Nursing InstructorNursing
Work PIN-208 Work Phone: 919-739-6790

Clay Smith

Work DOG-101 Work Phone: 9197397012

Dr Gene Smith

Vice President of Academic and Student ServicesAcademic Services
Work DOG 143 Work Phone: 919-739-6825

Kimberly Smith

Child Care Center Assistant TeacherChild Care Center
Work OAK Building Work Phone: 919-739-6750

Michael Smith

Science InstructorScience Department
Work DOG-321 Work Phone: 919 739-6844

Sherry Smith

Nursing InstructorNursing
Work PIN-204 Work Phone: 919 739-6785�

Terri Smith

Library TechnicianLibrary Services
Work WLC-328 Work Phone: 919-739-6764

Cynthia Spight

HRD Instructor/DARTContinuing Ed – Occupational Extension
Work WAL127 Work Phone: 919 739-6900

Jerrie Stanley

Administrative Assistant, Counseling ServicesCounseling Services
Work WLC-186 Work Phone: 919-739-6732

Tyrone Starkie

Achievement CoachPre-Curriculum
Work WLC 232 Work Phone: 919 739 7104

Cathi Stickles

WIA Coordinator/Career CounselorWIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Program
Work Employment Security Commission Work Phone: 919-731-7950

Donald Stokes

Grounds MaintenancePlant Management
Work Cedar Building Work Phone: 919-739-7041

Ashley Stroud

Executive AssistantAcademic Services
Work DOG-146 Work Phone: 919 739-7014

Lucy Stutts

Academic Skills Center CoordinatorAcademic Skills Center
Work WLC 322 Work Phone: 919 739-6889

Jennifer Sugg

Nursing InstructorNursing
Work PIN-204 Work Phone: 919-739-6791

Allison Sullivan

Business Administration InstructorBusiness and Accounting
Work SPR 241 Work Phone: 919-739-6873

Lee Szatkowski

Law Enforcement Training CoordinatorPublic Safety Division
Work PINE-120 Work Phone: 919 739 6946

Billy Tart

Nursing InstructorNursing
Work PINE 203 Work Phone: 919-739-6787

Becky Taylor

WCC/WEMCHS LiaisonCooperative Programs-Tech Prep
Work DOG-106 Work Phone: 919 739-6759