Alison Sanford

Soft Skills/HRD/Instructor Wayne Business and Industry Center
Work WAL-127C Work Phone: 919 739-6926
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Cindy Sanford

Adm. Systems Technician Information Technology
Work WLC-101 Work Phone: 919-739-7034
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Pat Sasser

Accounting Specialist- Accounts Receivable Business Affairs
Work DOG-137 Work Phone: 919-739-7097
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Susan Sasser

Director, Admissions and Records Admissions & Records
Work WLC-106 Work Phone: 919-739-6717
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Paula Sauls

English Instructor Language & Communication
Work DOG-306 Work Phone: 919-739-6852
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Tracy Schmeltzer

Department Chair, Business and Accounting Business and Accounting
Work SPR-227 Work Phone: 919-739-6877
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Jennifer Sebai

Reference Librarian Library Services
Work WLC 303 Work Phone: 919 739-6763
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Joy Shaw

Campus Information Specialist/Events Coordinator Campus Information Services
Work WLC-Lobby Work Phone: 919-739-7190
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Randall Shearon

Distance Education Specialist Distance Education
Work WLC-307 Work Phone: 919-739-7029
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Tina Shearon

Coordinator/Admissions and Records Admissions & Records
Work WLC-121 Work Phone: 919-739-6723
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Elvira Simmons

Asst. Financial Aid Director Financial Aid
Work WLC-124 Work Phone: 919-739-6739
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Laura Skinner

Pharmacy Tech Program Director/Instructor Pharmacy Technology
Work HOLLY-130 Work Phone: 919-739-6950
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Melissa Smiley

Nursing Instructor Nursing
Work PIN-208 Work Phone: 919-739-6790
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Clay Smith

Work DOG-101 Work Phone: 9197397012
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Gene Smith

Vice President of Academic and Student Services Student Services
Work DOG 143 Work Phone: 919-739-6825
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Kimberly Smith

Child Care Center Assistant Teacher Child Care Center
Work OAK Building Work Phone: 919-739-6750
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Sherry Smith

Nursing Instructor Nursing
Work PIN-204 Work Phone: 919 739-6785�
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Terri Smith

Library Technician Library Services
Work WLC-328 Work Phone: 919-739-6764
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Cynthia Spight

HRD Instructor/DART Continuing Ed - Occupational Extension
Work WAL127 Work Phone: 919 739-6900
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