WCC Organizational Chart

Maxine Cooper

Coordinator-Teacher Effectiveness TrainingContinuing Ed – Occupational Extension
Work WAL 127D Work Phone: 919 739-6938

Devin Coor

Admissions & Records SpecialistAdmissions & RecordsAdmissions & Records
Work WLC 135H Work Phone: 919 739-6726

Deric Copes

Admissions & Records SpecialistAdmissions & Records
Work WLC_135E Work Phone: 919 739-6720

Latisha Cowan

Counselor/Disability ServicesCounseling Services
Work WLC-182 Work Phone: 919 739-6729

David Craig

Sociology InstructorHumanities
Work AZA-322 Work Phone: 919 739-6937

Phillip Crouthamel

GED ExaminerBasic Skills
Work WAL 227 Work Phone: 919-739-6939

Mike Crumpler

Aviation Instructor
Work AIRPORT Work Phone: 9197396824

Christy Culbreth

Office Administration InstructorMedical and Office Administration
Work SPR 225D Work Phone: 919 739-6894

Brian Curry

Reference LibrarianLibrary Services
Work WLC -303 Work Phone: 919 739-6763

Katina Davis

Mathematics InstructorMath
Work DOG-322 Work Phone: 919-739-6865

Susan Davis

DMA InstructorPre-Curriculum
Work DOG-316 Work Phone: 919 739-6861

Renita Dawson

Associate Vice President of Continuing Education ServicesContinuing Education Services
Work WAL 121 Work Phone: 919 739-6980

Beverly Deans

Division Chair, Public Safety DivisionPublic Safety
Work PIN-111 Work Phone: 919-739-6798

Christopher Denise

Director, Academic SkillsAcademic Skills Center
Work WLC-325 Work Phone: 919-739-6745

Michelle Dixon

Secretary, Allied health/Public Services/Arts & ScPublic Services
Work AZA-301 Work Phone: 919-739-6793

Monika Donnelly

Dental Assisting InstructorDental Assisting
Work HOL-128 Work Phone: 919 739-6772

Michael Dubrowsky

Mathematics InstructorMath
Work DOG-320 Work Phone: 919-739-6866

Michael Eagen

Chemistry InstructorScience
Work AZA 322 Work Phone: 919 739-6914

Otis Eason

Grounds MaintenancePlant Management
Work Cedar Building Work Phone: 919-739-7041

Monica Edwards

HRD Instructor.DARTContinuing Ed – Occupational Extension
Work WAL 127 Work Phone: 919-739-6933