Moodle Basics

Moodle Basics

Access your online course: (Log into Moodle)

  • Go to WCC’s home page
  • Click the Moodle button located on the right side of the page.
  • Click the link labeled “Moodle Login Now” in the row of login now icons.
  • Your Username is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name, your entire last name, then the last four digits of your Student ID number. Example: if your name is John Doe Brown and your Student ID number is 551234, then your Username for Moodle would be jdbrown1234. You can find your Student ID number directly under your name on the registration statement you receive when you register for classes.  If you cannot locate your student ID number, please contact your advisor.
  • Your default password is your birth date written out in numbers. Example: if you were born on August 9th, 1967, then your password would be 080967.
  • Once you have entered your Username and Password, click the Login button.

Enter your course:

  • At the Welcome Page, your online course(s) will be listed. Click the title of the course(s). If, on the morning of the first day of the semester, you do not see the course(s) for which you registered and paid tuition, contact the admissions office 919-739-6720.

Need to Know for online courses

  • You must access the course and complete initial assignments within a specific amount of time. Exact times will vary so check your courses early and be certain to complete the required initial assignments as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in your being dropped from the course.  Note: Online courses will be available after 8 a.m., the day your class is scheduled to begin. Please refer to your class schedule to determine your class start date.
  • Read the welcome announcements.
  • Complete initial assignments.

Want to see what a Moodle course looks like BEFORE registering or the semester start date?

  • Go to the WCC home page:
  • Click the Moodle button located on the right side of the page
  • Click the link labeled “Moodle Login Now” in the row of login now icons
  • Login using username: wccguest password: wccguest
  • Explore our sample  Moodle course.

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