2012 Films

The 2012 festival was held January 20 – 21st in Wayne Community College’s Moffatt Auditorium.

Below are some of the films screened at the next PRAXIS. Also on the list of films screened were works created by University of North Carolina Wilmington Film School students!

Captain Fork – A dark comedy about a father’s desire to get out of fatherhood – permanently. Lyle has tried to like his four-year-old son, but the relationship isn’t working. With equal measures of funny and wrong, Lyle tries to get rid of the little guy. Director, Writer, & Editor: G.J. Echternkamp. Los Angeles and Palm Desert, CA (13:26 min)

Caretaker for the Lord – Tommy Healy, the 78-year-old maintenance man for St. Luke’s & St. Andrew’s Parish Church in Glasgow’s East End, muses about the dying church’s future as he mops the floors and changes the light bulbs. This short documentary film maintains a lighthearted tone as it shows how secular uses like martial-arts lessons, senior-citizen dance and meditation classes, and the meeting of a young women’s aerobics group seem to be the only things—besides Tommy, of course—keeping the church building vital. Director / Producer/Cinematographer / Editor: Jane McAlister. Scotland. (17 min)


Cataplexy – Sidney Sanders suffers from an unusual medical condition: he is literally paralyzed when he feels love. Thus he relies on impersonal encounters to meet his needs. His method is foiled when what he thought would be a meeting with an anonymous paramour turns out to be a reconnection with an old friend. Director: John Salcido. USA (7:25 min)

Five Time Champion – Julius lives in a typical small town in Texas, surrounded by people who are anything but typical. For a teenage boy who would like life to work out as neatly as his science experiments, the irrational behaviour of the adults in his life defies explanation. With an absent father who is the talk of the town and his mother and grandfather both embroiled in relationship issues of their own, it is no wonder Julius is confused about love. Confused and frustrated, Julius turns to his love of science for answers. Writer/Director: Berndt Mader. Texas (92 min)

Fresh Skweezed – Maggie, an 11-year-old girl with business acumen to spare, sets up a lemonade stand in her neighborhood. Things are shaky at home, and the stand means more to Maggie than just a summertime hobby. It’s a tiny corner of the world that she can control, and whether she’s dealing with absent parents or the neighborhood bully, she’s going to handle her business as best she can. Directors: Ryan Parker, G.B. Shannon. Tennessee (20 min)

Little Horses — A male rivalry between an ex-husband and his former wife’s new boyfriend results in the buying of extravagant gifts for a child’s birthday. Ex-husband Dave, a small town postal worker, gets the best pony he can afford: a blind and deaf one that he stores in the shed behind his trailer. Director: Levi Abrino. Writers: Levi Abrino and Luke Matheny. Pennsylvania (17:30 min)

Manhattan Melody – Holly, a young aspiring actress, comes to New York in search of glamour and excitement but finds herself languishing away as a manicurist at a small Korean nail salon. Just as she despairs of ever experiencing the thrills of New York City, she witnesses a robbery at the local diner and becomes entangled with it’s handsome perpetrator. She’s whisked away on a romantic but dangerous journey, and as the night tumbles towards its uncertain conclusion, the city around her comes alive in bursts of musical support. Windows light up framing violinists, tired commuters on a train are transformed into an orchestra, and even the summer ice-cream truck changes its tune to echo Holly’s theme in this musical adventure. Director: Sasha Gordon. New York (19 min)

Oro Verde – In this visually stunning portrait, three generations of Ukrainian farmers invite us into their working day on a tea farm in Argentina. Steeped richly in color, the film effortlessly travels through the tea fields, into the factory, around the drying cauldrons, and into the teapot. This award-winning doc is a warm tribute to delightful characters and their innovative “green gold” contribution to their new homeland. Director: Ignacio Busquier. Argentina (14:50 min)

Restoration – A triangle of fatherhood ties, a triangle of love. 70 year old Yaakov Fidelman hangs on with all his might to the antique restoration workshop which has been his life’s work. After his long-time business partner passes away, Fidelman rejects his son Noah’s idea to close the business and build an apartment complex on the site. He believes that with the help of his new apprentice Anton, he’ll find a way to save his workshop, his world and his solitary way of life. When Anton falls in love with Hava, Noah’s pregnant wife, the two young men compete not only over a father, but also over a woman and the baby she carries. Will the old man understand that his only hope for redemption is to learn to let go, admit and accept his weaknesses and the dictate of time? Writer/Director: Joseph Madmony. Israel (105 min)

Shoot the Moon – Marcy Meyers has been getting letters in the mail warning her of a possible home foreclosure. Amidst feelings of helplessness and despair, Marcy focuses on Shoot the Moon, a national game show that promises a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win it all. Director: Alexander Gaeta. Los Angeles, CA (26:54 min)

The Hunter And The Swan Discuss Their Meeting – A Brooklyn couple have dinner with a hunter and his girlfriend, a magical swan woman. The two couples discuss those early, magical first moments of their relationships, making new discoveries along the way. Writer/Director: Emily Carmichael. USA (7:47 min)

The Other ‘F’ Word – This documentary features interviews with veteran punk musicians and athletes like Flea, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Tony Hawk. But the main character is Jim Lindeburg, lead singer of Pennywise and author of Punk Rock Dad. This doc explores the experience of those whose identities and futures were cast in the punk movement of the 70s and 80s, and who are now the authority figures they rebelled against – fathers. Director: Andrea Blaugrund Nevins. USA (99 min)

The Wise Kids – In a Baptist church community in Charleston, South Carolina, three teenage friends contemplate the next stage of life: there’s Brea, an introspective pastor’s daughter; the hyperactive Laura, Brea’s best friend and a devout believer; and Tim, the open-hearted son of a single father. Their stories are told through a weaving of comedy and drama, This film is a character-driven coming-of-age story with an extraordinarily talented young cast. Writer/Director: Stephen Cone. South Carolina (91 min)

Un Novio de Mierda – After months without seeing him, a girl receives a visit from her ex. Writer: Borja Cobeaga, Producer: Marta Galante, Editor: Héctor Prieto, Cinematographer: Alfonso Postigo, Sound Editor: Roberto Fernández. Spain (3:30 min)

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