2013 Films

The 2013 festival screened the following films:

Aunt Louisa – A young man living in Manhattan is visited out of the blue by a very weird aunt from the country, who delivers a cryptic message. Director: Thomas Woodrow, NY. Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 3:15pm (15:00 min)

Cataplexy – Sidney Sanders is literally paralyzed when he feels love. Thus he relies on impersonal encounters to meet his needs. This works until an anonymous paramour turns out to be an old friend. Director: John Salcido. LA. Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 3:15pm (7:25 min)

Crescendo – In 18th century Holy roman empire, a series of events will turn an ordinary day in to an extraordinary experience for a woman who’s life will never be the same. Director: Alonzo Alvarez. LA. Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 3:15pm (10-min)

Exit ElenaA dark comedy about a live-in aide thrust into the middle of a family in crisis. She finds balance in the family until the prodigal son returns home. Director: Nathan Silver, NY. Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 10:00 am (72 min)

Henley – Nine-year-old Ted Henley earns his tiny allowance by collecting the road-kill that litters the highway. But when his father’s motel cash register starts to run dry, Ted begins collecting bigger game. Director: Craig Macneill, NY Screening Sunday, Feb 24, 2pm (11 min)

House – For generations, a family lived in a spacious, beautiful, and generous house. Guests were always welcome, until one guest changed everything. Director: Ahmad Saleh. Germany Screening Saturday, February 23, 4:45 pm (3:52 min)

In Passing – Dream is almost indistinguishable from reality for Abel, who is narcoleptic. Meaning becomes jumbled as his grip upon reality becomes ever more tenuous. Director: Bruno Mello. Brazil Screening Saturday, February 23, 3:15 pm (13 min)

Irish Folk Furniture – Winner of the Sundance Film Festival Award for BEST ANIMATION. This film features the art of furniture repair and recycling. Director: Tony Donoghue. Ireland Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 3:15 pm (8:19 min)


Jimmy – A boy is asked to testify as a witness in a criminal trial even though he is thought of as “slow.” Director: Mark Freiburger & Writer/Producer: Gary Wheeler, NC. Screening Sunday, Feb 24, 2pm (95:20 minutes)

Kings of Pastry – Described as the ‘culinary Hurt Locker’ by the Scotland Herald, Kings of Pastry follows chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of Chicago’s French Pastry School, as he journeys back to his childhood home of Alsace to practice for the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France). Directors: Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker. NY. Screening Saturday, February 24, 8pm (84 min)

O.V.N.I Marianne walks the street of the city, sinking slowly into madness. She passes from anxiety to paranoia, from schizophrenia to megalomania. Directors: Geoffrey & Guillaume Niquet. France Screening Saturday, February 23, 8pm (6:30 min)

Paul – The aftermath of a tough break up sends Paul’s life into deterioration, worsened by the burglary of his rented apartment. His losses force him to push through the underworld of Tel Aviv to investigate. Director: Adam Bizanski, Israel Screening Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2:40 pm (26:40 min)

Pen Pal – In this dark comedy, thirteen year old, Brie Lark, joins a prisoner pen pal ministry to fill the gap her best friend left when she got a boyfriend. Director: Brooke Goldfinch, NY. Screening Saturday, Feb 23rd, 10:00 am (6:16 min)

¡Vivan las Antipodas! – This documentary allows us to experience four regions of the earth that are diametrically opposite each other on the globe yet seem mythically united. Director: Victor Kossakovsky, Germany. Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 4:45 pm (104 min)

Zeinek Gehiago Iraun – A dangerous children’s game disrupts the lives of Ander and his family forever. Director: Gregorio Muro. Spain Screening Saturday, Feb 23, 3:15 pm (12 min)

Also on the schedule were student films made by graduate students from North Carolina State University (Saturday, February 23rd, 11:30 a.m.) and The University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Saturday, February 23rd, 1:30 p.m.).

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