July 2010 Exhibits – American History and Beach Reads

The WCC Library features two book exhibits for July 2010.  The main exhibit area’s books focus on American History, particularly the founders of the American Revolution and, eventually, the United States.  For more information about American History and some great photographs and audio presentations about various periods and people in U.S. history, visit the American Memory site at the Library of Congress.

Books in the WCC Library newspaper exhibit area for July highlight Beach Reads, since July is a month when many people go to the beach and may need something new and exciting to read.  We have a variety of books from Nicholas Sparks novels to some great Young Adult fiction.  If you’re looking for a beach to visit, North Carolina has plenty of sand to lure you.  We’ll help you find a book to take with you; these websites will help you decide on a destination:

The Outer Banks

The Cape Fear Coast

The Crystal Coast

The Brunswick Islands

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