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October 2010 Exhibit – Banned Books

Banned Books Week is observed from the end of September through the first part of October each year. 

Why are books challenged and banned?  Most of the time, a book is challenged by a person in the community, school or college based on a number of different criteria.  A long process determines if a book will end up being banned from that library.  Many well known books such as The Color Purple, Fahrenheit 451 and The Grapes of Wrath have been banned at one time or another from libraries all over the United States.

This month’s WCC Library book exhibit showcases books which have been banned recently or far in the past.  Since the Library Bill of Rights from the American Library Association states that “libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment,” we invite you to check out and read one of these titles and come to your own conclusion about whether or not is should or should not have been banned.   

To learn more about banned books and censorship in libraries, please visit the Loyola University Libraries webpage where there are also links to more information about this controversial topic.


September 2010 Exhibit – Constitution Day

This year, on Friday, September 17th we commemorate Constitution Day in the United States. It is the the 223rd anniversary of our nation’s founding document, the Constitution. On the WCC Library newspaper exhibit area, books can be found about the writers of the Constitution as well as information about the Constitution itself.

WCC is also celebrating Constitution Day by holding trivia contests and allowing students, faculty and staff to register to vote in the Wayne Learning Center Building Atrium. For more information about the Constitution and an interesting Constitution quiz, visit

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WCC Library Webpage Tour for Faculty

We present the new WCC Library Webpage tour for faculty. The tour will take you through the updated WCC Library webpage and point out useful information that you will want to know as a faculty member at WCC.  It will also show you contact information in case you have any questions about any services or resources at the WCC Library.



September 2010 Exhibits – Hispanic Heritage and Sports Fever

Every year in the United States September is designated as Hispanic Heritage Month. At the WCC Library, this month’s book exhibit highlights accomplishments of some individuals and nations that make up this group.  Check out a biography of an Hispanic historical or literary figure or country, or a children’s book that is part English and part Spanish.  For more information on Hispanic Heritage and some interesting Hispanic personalities, visit the Library of Congress Hispanic Heritage website.

Each September also promises the beginning of many things: school, sports and fall.  Since many of the sports seasons start in the fall, the WCC Library is celebrating them on this month’s book exhibit in the newspaper area of the library.  From basketball to football to baseball, including all sports in between, you can find fictional stories as well as true stories on the exhibit. 

For more information on sports, you can visit a number of sports websites such as (National Basketball Association), (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and (National Football League).

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