September 2010 Exhibits – Hispanic Heritage and Sports Fever

Every year in the United States September is designated as Hispanic Heritage Month. At the WCC Library, this month’s book exhibit highlights accomplishments of some individuals and nations that make up this group.  Check out a biography of an Hispanic historical or literary figure or country, or a children’s book that is part English and part Spanish.  For more information on Hispanic Heritage and some interesting Hispanic personalities, visit the Library of Congress Hispanic Heritage website.

Each September also promises the beginning of many things: school, sports and fall.  Since many of the sports seasons start in the fall, the WCC Library is celebrating them on this month’s book exhibit in the newspaper area of the library.  From basketball to football to baseball, including all sports in between, you can find fictional stories as well as true stories on the exhibit. 

For more information on sports, you can visit a number of sports websites such as (National Basketball Association), (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and (National Football League).

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