September 2010 Exhibit – Constitution Day

This year, on Friday, September 17th we commemorate Constitution Day in the United States. It is the the 223rd anniversary of our nation’s founding document, the Constitution. On the WCC Library newspaper exhibit area, books can be found about the writers of the Constitution as well as information about the Constitution itself.

WCC is also celebrating Constitution Day by holding trivia contests and allowing students, faculty and staff to register to vote in the Wayne Learning Center Building Atrium. For more information about the Constitution and an interesting Constitution quiz, visit

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  1. John Said,

    October 8, 2015 @ 1:21 am

    You know, it’s funny, but I don’t think the Constitution gives us a right to breathe air wihtuot chemical toxins in it, and it doesn’t guarantee us the right to drink water that’s uncontaminated with lead.I don’t think it guarantees anyone the right to either an education or health care, either.But wihtuot breathable air, drinkable water, and education and health care, life for millions of Americans will become Hell.I think the Preamble to the US Constitution, with its remarks about promoting the general welfare, does envision the US government taking many different steps to advance well, the welfare of the American people. I think it’s Constitutionally legal, within the letter of the law, and it’s within the spirit behind the Constitution for the government to promote clear water, clean air, an educated public and affordable health care because wihtuot all these things, the general welfare goes down the toilet.So I agree with you that these good things these things that are almost essential to life, and to a civilized society are not necessarily natural rights. But I don’t care. I think we as a society should be promoting them anyway, and that the US government should be playing a big role in that effort. As for violence the threat of violence uh, how do you think the American Revolution was won?How do you think the United States expanded from being a relatively small nation consisting of just 13 states along the Atlantic seaboard, to being a huge nation of 50 states stretching from the Rio Grande to the Canadian border, and from Plymouth Rock to Hawaii?How do you think the slaves were freed and the Union was preserved in the 1860s?How do you imagine that several hundred million white Causians, by the year 2000, ended up owning and controlling millions of acres of real estate that just 500 years ago was the exclusive domain of the Native American tribes?I’ve read Ayn Rand on the supposed virtue of selfishness so long as the selfishness is never accompanied by force or the threat of force.But throughout history, how many successful societies can you name that weren’t established, preserved extend through force or the threat of force?England? France? The USA? Germany? Japan? The Netherlands? Italy? Russia? China? Where in the world do you see anybody owning enjoying the use of private property or natural resources, where there’s no prior history of force the threat of force? Was this answer helpful?

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