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January 2010 Exhibits – Martin Luther King Jr. and Books to Movies

January not only heralds the beginning of a new year, but also marks the presence of two new WCC Library book exhibits. 

The first exhibit, in the library’s newspaper area, commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is celebrated this year on Monday, January 17th, a national holiday on which schools and businesses will be closed.  This exhibit features biographies about Dr. King as well as some of his most famous speeches (including the “I Have a Dream” speech).  Since most schools are closed on the 17th, students and others will gather together on that day to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.  For more information, visit the Day of Service’s website for help with setting up an event, or finding out about an event in your area.

Since the weather is still so cold, January is also a great month for staying inside to read books or watch movies.  Some of the many books that have been made into movies are now showcased on the WCC Library bulletin board book display, also featuring movie posters for the corresponding movies.  To find out more about other books that have been turned into movies, visit the Mid-Continent Public Library’s website, which lists more than 1,250 books and stories that have been made into movies.


New Database: Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source

Wayne Community College Library has a new subscription to the Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source database, available on the WCC Library homepage from the research databases drop-down menu.  This new acquisition was spurred on by awareness of the upcoming Dental department accreditation in early 2012.  However, not only does the Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source database look and search like other EBSCOhost databases now accessed through NC LIVE, it also covers all areas of dentistry from cosmetic to orthodontics. 

All the most in-depth information from journals, books and magazines is now available for anyone currently employed in dentistry or related occupations, for instructors teaching in these areas, or for students looking to move into dentistry or related fields as a future occupation.  For example, WCC’s dental hygiene and dental assisting departments will find many articles for their teaching or research needs.  If you have any questions or comments about the new Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source database, please contact WCC Library staff at 739-6891 or at

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December 2010 Exhibits

December means the end of the calendar year, but it also signals the approach of three major holidays.  Hanukkah is celebrated this year from December 1st through December 9th.  After Hanukkah comes Christmas on December 25th.  At the end of the month, we celebrate Kwanzaa from December 26th until January 1st.  The fourth season of our year, Winter, also starts on December 21st this year.

To celebrate these holidays and the Winter season, the WCC Library offers a book exhibit of children’s books and recipe books in the bulletin board area for the holidays, with books about Winter in the newspaper area.  Feel free to browse these areas and find a good book to cuddle up with during the cold Winter nights.

To track Santa during his Christmas Eve trip, visit NORAD’s website and make sure to be asleep when he nears your house!  To find out more information about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, visit these websites and impress your friends with all the knowledge you have of these important holidays!

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