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May 2011 Exhibit – Memorial Day

Memorial Day may be another holiday during which we do not have to work, but its history started back during the Civil War era, and culminated in 1971 when it was declared a national holiday by Congress.  This month’s newspaper exhibit era celebrates men, women and African American veterans who have given their lives in battle for this country, or are still involved in the fight.

Visit the Veterans Affairs website on Memorial Day to learn more about this holiday.  At the website, you can also learn more about the Arlington National Cemetery as well as other Memorial Day facts.

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May 2011 Exhibit – Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month began in 1978 as a 10-day celebration, and was expanded to a month long celebration for May 1990.  The WCC Library bulletin board area exhibit celebrates a wide variety of books about Asian heritage, including books about particular countries and books by Asian authors.

For more information and a wide variety of resources, visit the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month page at the Library of Congress website.  Included on the page are links to a variety of exhibits and collections featuring the Asian-Pacific people and culture.

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