Updates to Exisiting NC LIVE Databases

At the beginning of the year, NC LIVE updated some of the existing databases that we have access to through WCC Single Search. The main change is that there is more content and more of the content is full-text. The updated databases include:

Academic Search Premier (now called Academic Search Complete)

Business Source Premier (now called Business Source Complete)

Literary Reference Center (now called Literary Reference Center Plus)

MAS Ultra (now called MAS Complete)

MasterFILE Premier (now called MasterFILE Complete)


  1. Janeth Said,

    October 8, 2015 @ 1:38 am

    Nice picture of IT staff. Is Ryan Hanson here? Didn’t he reenltcy get promoted to Asst Director of the Library, at a substantial increase of salary? Is Ryan also a state certified librarian? How did this position get filled, with four branch librarians being laid off from the part time branch libraries, dedicated and serving our communities for over 100 years? It may be time to reorganize the main library, and audit the bugets by the public, and keep the IT staff doing what they are best in doing, IT work, not asst director work.

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