November 2012 Exhibit: Native American Heritage Month

Since 1990 in the United States, yearly proclamations have been issued designating November as Native American Heritage Month.  This year an Erwin Library book exhibit features non-fiction books about Native American groups and individuals, including histories, biographies, and other titles about the incredibly varied and rich culture of tribes across the years and North American continent.  Also featured are fiction books for all age levels, by writers of Native American descent.

Find a Native American History and Heritage Bibliography on the Erwin Library homepage, listing even more books with their call numbers that you can find here in your library.

To learn more about Native American Heritage, the month-long celebrations, as well as exhibits on the web from the Library of Congress, visit their website.  More information about Native American History in North Carolina can be found through the North Carolina Museum of History website, and the NCPedia website.

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