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April 2012 Exhibit: National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, sponsored since its inception in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets.  To celebrate, discover the Erwin Library’s collection of books of poetry as well as biographies about poets, a sample of which you can find in the library’s bulletin board exhibit area.  Come check one of these books out and learn more about poetry and the memorable power of the written word.  For more information about individual poets, or poetry in general, visit the Academy’s website at


March 2012 Exhibit: Teen Tech Week – Science Fiction

Teen Tech Week (March 4-10) is a national initiative sponsored by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) and is aimed at teens, their parents, educators and other concerned adults.

Its purpose is to ensure that teens are competent and ethical users of various technologies, especially those that are offered through libraries such as DVDs, databases, and streaming videos.  All this month the Erwin Library bulletin board exhbit area will showcase books from our growing Science Fiction collection.  These books often feature stories which present once well-balanced societies where misused technology has become the challenge to overcome.

For more Science Fiction books available at the Erwin Library, consult our new Science Fiction bibliography to find many more titles with their call numbers.


March 2012 Exhibit: International Day

On Tuesday, March 13, 2012, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Wayne Community College will host an International Day. This event is co-sponsored by the Cultural Diversity/Global Education Committee and Wayne Community College Student Activities Department. During the two hours of events, you’ll be able to see displays from different countries and cultures, enjoy musicians and dancers, as well as challenge your knowledge with a geography quiz.

To complement this upcoming event, the Erwin Library’s newspaper exhibit area currently offers books that celebrate cultural diversity and global education. Pick up a book about Japan, Spain, Mexico or another country that you may learn more about during International Day. Or learn something about the history of a country you may not know anything about.

For more information about countries all over the world, visit the online version of the CIA World Factbook.


February 2012 Exhibit: President’s Day

President’s Day is celebrated during the month of February. The other part of the newspaper exhibit is dedicated to biographies about some of the lesser known presidents of the United States as well as the current president, Barack Obama.

To learn more about the presidents, visit the White House’s Presidents website.


February 2012 Exhibit: Black History Month

Every year during the month of February, we celebrate Black History Month. This year’s theme is Black Women in American Culture and History. On the bulletin board exhibit, we have books about famous African American women as well as famous African American men and some overview books.

To learn more about Black History, visit the Library of Congress’ African American History Month website.


February 2012 Exhibit: Carolina Games Summit

The Carolina Games Summit will be held at Wayne Community College on Saturday, February 4 starting at 10:00 a.m. Part of the newspaper exhibit area has books that cover many areas of game development as well as the history of video games and information on vintage games.

To learn more about the Carolina Games Summit, visit the website.


January 2012 Exhibit – From Books to Movies

January is also a great month to celebrate books that have been made into movies. The Erwin Library’s bulletin board exhibit area features some of the past, present and future movies that were books first.

To learn more about books you may have read that have been recently turned into movies, visit the goodreads website.


January 2012 Exhibit – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to the year 2012!  This year starts a brand new year of books exhibits at the Erwin Library.  To begin the year, we will be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. on the newspaper exhibit area. Included on the display are children’s books about MLK Jr. and the causes he supported plus a few books that Martin Luther King, Jr. authored.

To find out more about Martin Luther King, Jr., visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute.


December 2011 Exhibit – Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

Each year December is the focus of our transition from one year to the next. It also marks a holiday season for people all over the world, beginning with Hanukkah, observed from December 20 through December 28, followed by Christmas on December 25.  This joyous time is wrapped up neatly by Kwanzaa, which begins on December 26 and ends on January 1, bringing us into the new year.

The Erwin Library’s exhibit areas highlight all these holidays.  In the bulletin board area are Christmas books for children, as well as a few fiction titles for older readers, and, in th newspaper area books about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, as well as more books about Christmas, Winter and that thing that most of either love or hate … snow.

On Christmas Eve, you may wish to visit the NORAD site to track Santa’s whereabouts.  At the Jewish Outreach Institute webiste you can learn more about Hanukkah and its traditions. Lastly, you may want to consult the CNN website to learn about Kwanzaa.


November 2011 Exhibit – Thanksgiving

At the end of November is a holiday that is usually overlooked.  Thanksgiving commemorates the feast held in 1621 by settlers of the new Plymouth colony, now part of present day Massachusetts, who were were very thankful for a great harvest (hence the name Thanksgiving).  To celebrate Thanksgiving, the WCC Library newspaper exhibit area offers a collection of children’s books, history books and cookbooks about this holiday.

To learn more about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrim settlers who voyaged to their new home on the Mayflower, visit the General Society of Mayflower Descendants website. An interesting part of the site is a listing of notable descendants.


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