Erwin Library

Welcome to the Clyde A. Erwin, Jr. Library, located in the Wayne Learning Center, with entrances on the third floor beside the elevators and on the third floor landing of the atrium stairwell. Part of the Community College Libraries in North Carolina (CCLINC) consortium, with a shared online catalog, the Erwin Library print collections include over thirty-two thousand books and nearly forty print periodical and newspaper subscriptions. Accessible through the WCC Single Search aggregate database are over sixteen thousand video-recordings, as well as thousands of electronic books, articles and images from twenty-two research databases in addition to those subscribed to through NC LIVE.


Oh, so you don’t want to take a nap, and you didn’t really want to go to bed last night either?  Well, then, join us instead for Children’s Storytime in the Erwin Library on Wednesday, April 30th from 9:00-10:00 a.m.  We’re wide awake and ready to read, sing, and laugh!

Get Your Head In the Game! That’s what the new bulletin board outside the Erwin Library entrance encourages all of us to do for the new semester; learn lessons of focus, drive, and determination to be the best you can be from biographies and narratives about athletes and sports, from all time periods and a variety of cultures.

Join the Erwin Library in recognizing the continuing Struggle for Civil Rights in the U.S. by visiting the January/February book exhibit in the Reference Area.  Focusing on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s achievements for African-American civil rights, the array of books also covers histories and biographies of other groups such as women, and ethnic and cultural minorities.  Check one out to learn more!

What did WCC students do in 1972? How about those hairdos .. and that’s the faculty! You’ll see it was a slightly different world, but still Goldsboro and still our school as you flip through thirteen newly digitized WCC Yearbooks (Yearbooks link) published between 1964 and 1985, now part of the WCC Historical Archives.  You’ll also find the WCC Campus Voice newspaper (See: Newspapers) published between 1968 and 2008, and the WCC Renaissance literary magazine (See: Campus Publications) for 1985 through the present.

As well as browsing among, or checking out, books from the Erwin Library exhibits and collections to read about these topics, you may wish to discover more on the internet from relevant links found in the Erwin Library’s Blog.