Distance Ed Users

Distance Education Users

Library Cards

All WCC faculty and staff members, whether part-time or full-time, must have a WCC picture ID made by the Student Affairs Office to which the Erwin Library barcode may be affixed.

All WCC faculty and students are encouraged to apply for either a new or an updated Erwin Library card using the online Library Card Application.

An Erwin Library barcode number provides login access for a remote user to all of the library’s electronic resources, including article, e-book, and video streaming resources.

If you need to send a PDF document to your instructor to prove that you have already registered with the Erwin Library and have received a library barcode number, please fill out the short Library Card Confirmation Request form and you will received a PDF which you can then forward directly to your instructor.  Your library barcode number and any personal information will not be visible on the document.

A current Erwin Library card must always be presented at the circulation desk to check out any library collection materials, use any materials placed on Academic Reserve, or sign out a set of headphones to use in the library.

A third party may present an absent Erwin Library patron’s card to check out materials for the absent patron, but the patron whose card is used will have full responsibility for the good condition and return of the items.

Reference Service

Video Tour of Erwin Library as well as a Student Guide to Erwin Library LibGuide is available on the Erwin Library webpage, as well as on the Distance Education Department’s “Moodle Student Help and Student Support Information” page.

Distance users may call the Erwin Library Circulation Desk (919.739.6891, or, ext. 6891 on-campus) for help searching the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) as well as any of the research database, internet and paper resources.

The Ask a Librarian online form may be used to direct an email reference request to the Reference Librarians, or the Reference Librarians may be phoned directly at 919.739.6890, or ext. 6890 on-campus.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Distance users who do access the Erwin Library in person may make ILL requests online using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request form, or place requests directly using either the OPAC for materials owned by libraries in the Community Colleges In North Carolina (CCLINC) consortium, or the WorldCat database for materials owned in other libraries all over the world.

Interlibrary loan materials must be picked up within a week of the patron’s notification that the material is available for pickup.

Although interlibrary loaned books will not be mailed to a patron, copies of articles requested on ILL can be mailed as a scanned PDF copy to email, or as a photocopy using surface mail, from the library to the distance user’s home, if campus access is severely limited.

A third party presenting a distance user’s Erwin Library card may pick up and return the ILL items for the distance user; however, if a distance user will not be accessing the Erwin Library in person to pick up books, or have a third party to do so regularly, he or she should request ILL service at a public or academic library in his or her neighborhood.

Online Databases

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) may be searched remotely from any computer that has Internet access, though holds may be placed only with a Erwin Library card barcode.

Erwin Library users will now find a group of tabs on the homepage providing a portal to all options now available through WCC Single Search for making the most of the library’s ever-expanding collection of electronic, as well as print, resources.

Accessible through the WCC Single Search discovery service are nearly twenty-five thousand video-recordings, as well as hundreds of thousands of electronic books, articles and images from forty research databases in addition to those subscribed to through NC LIVE.

A single login using the individual’s Erwin Library barcode is required for remote access to all of the research databases available from the Erwin Library homepage.

If a WCC instructor places a link on a Moodle class page to any of the videos from the Erwin Library’s subscription resources, the video may be accessed using the patron’s library barcode after clicking on the link in Moodle.

A reminder:  your computer must be set to accept cookies for the library barcode login to work; however, once you are logged in, during that entire session you will not be prompted again for the login barcode as you switch between databases conducting your research.

Library Card Application (Confirmation Request)
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)