WCC Single Search

WCC Single Search

Erwin Library users will now find a group of tabs on the homepage providing a portal to all options now available through the WCC Single Search discovery service for making the most of the library’s ever-expanding collection of electronic, as well as print, resources.

Many aids to using this resource are available on the Tutorials, Citation and Subject Guides page.  for example, the WCC Single Search Basics: Scholarly Article (PDF) tutorial will help you with developing your search strategy for finding a scholarly article, as well as retrieving a permalink for it to access the same article again directly.

Single Search tab

  • A search box to begin searching the WCC Single Search discovery service, powered by EBSCO, which provides an integrated search of forty database, e-book, and video streaming resources subscribed to by the Erwin Library combined with those in the NC LIVE aggregate database
  • As the search progresses, many more search parameters allowing a user to focus his or her search to better serve individual research needs, including topic, format, publication date, or type of publication limiters
  • Below the WCC Single Search tab area, under the “Library Guides and Resources” heading, access the Tutorials, Citation and Subject Guides page to find the WCC Single Search Basics:  Scholarly Article (PDF) guide, and an WCC Single Search Basics:  Add Video Permalinks to Moodle (PDF) tutorial, as well as guides for appropriately citing resources in papers and projects
  • Also under the “Library Guides and Resources” heading, access the Internet Resource Links page to find a comprehensive, categorized and annotated list of free website links to everything from government publications to weather reports, from the Center for Disease Control to Project Gutenberg

OPAC Search tab

Publication Title Search tab

  • A search box which allows a user to search by title for all available issues of a single journal, magazine or newspaper, or by an individual ebook title
  • After the initial search is complete, the option of either browsing the contents of a single issue, or conducting a topic search across the content of all available issues of that journal
  • Below the Publication Title search tab area, under the “Library Guides and Resources” heading, access the Tutorials, Citation and Subject Guides page to find a Publication Title Search: Browse Issues of a Journal (PDF) tutorial, as well as other guides to using Erwin Library Resources

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