Create Password / Forgot Password / Expired Password

New Students: If you are a new student, you should follow the steps on this page to create your official WCC password.

Current Students: If you already have an official WCC password and you have forgotten it, or it has expired, you should follow the steps on this page to reset your password.

NOTE: After you create/reset your password, please allow 5 minutes for the WCC Online Services to sync with your new password prior to attempting to login with your new password.

Step 1 of 5:
Click on the “Create/Recover Account” button in the AD Self-Service Suite Password Reset Center blue box on this page.

Step 2 of 5:
Read the agreement message and if you agree, Click the “I Agree” button. If you disagree, click on the “I Disagree” button. Obviously, you have to agree to continue.

Step 3 of 5:
Enter your Moodle username and click on the “Submit” button.

Your username is usually your first initial, middle initial, last name and last four of your student ID number. It looks something like this – jwsmith1234.

Step 4 of 5:
If you are asked for your Student/Employee ID Number, make sure you add a 0 (zero) in front of your number to make it a total of 7 numbers.

Example: If your ID number s 123456, you will need to enter 0123456.

You must answer three security questions to continue.

  1. Enter the first answer and click on the “Submit” button.
  2. Enter the second answer and click on the “Submit” button.
  3. Enter the third answer and click on the “Submit button.

If you answered all of the questions right (and it will not tell you if you did or if you didn’t) you will be taken to the next step. If you have gotten one of the answers wrong, you will get another question. Try again.

If you continue to get questions without getting past this step, you will need to contact the Helpdesk at 919-739-7032 or 919-739-7038. The Helpdesk is available during normal college business hours.

Step 5 of 5:
BEFORE YOU ENTER YOUR NEW PASSWORD – make sure you remember that you must do and not do the following:

  1. Use at least one uppercase letter
  2. Use at least one lowercase letter
  3. Use at least one number
  4. Use at least 8 characters
  5. Do not use any of your last 8 passwords
  6. Do not use any part of your name or username

Now that you have your new password figured out, enter it in the “New Password” and “Confirm Password” boxes, then click the “Change Password” button. If you had a mismatch, you can enter your password again. Type slowly to make sure you get it the same in both boxes.

If you get to the “Reset Complete” box, you’re done – click on the “Close Window” box.

This will reset your password for your WCC Mail (Gmail), Moodle, and Webadvisor logins.

(NOTE: This may not always close the window, but you can close it the normal way you usually do.)

If you find that your password still does not reset after using the above Password Reset Service, please visit the Open Computer Lab (MAG 215) or be online and in front of a computer and call 919-739-7032 or 919-739-7038.