If you want to join the medical field without spending years in college, we have a program for you…Phlebotomy! Because phlebotomy is a very specialized vocation, it can be mastered in one semester. The Phlebotomy curriculum will prepare you to obtain samples of blood and other specimens from patients promptly, efficiently and safely. Your coursework would include proper specimen collection and handling, communication skills and maintenance of patient data. As a graduate, you would qualify for employment in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and other health care settings and you may be eligible for national certification as a phlebotomy technician. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong job growth for phlebotomists through the end of the decade. The salary of phlebotomists varies, depending on geographic location, demand and experience. One can expect to earn an entry-level salary ranging from $17,000 to $21,000 a year.

Credentials available: Certificate in Phlebotomy

Average Class Size: 15

Things to consider: Employment opportunities for phlebotomists are widespread. Besides being a phlebotomist, you can use your skills in many other health care careers including medical assisting, radiology technology, respiratory therapy, and nursing.

Additional Admission Requirements: Admission into this program is limited. For details on the process and criteria, visit the Allied Health Admissions Requirements page.

Curriculum Courses by Semester

Phlebotomy Certificate (C45600)

Gainful Employment Report