School-Aged Education

(No longer accepting new students. Program will close effective Spring 2015.)

Would you like a career as an Instructional Assistant in an elementary or special needs classroom? That’s the focus of the School Aged Education courses. Our program prepares you to assist licensed teachers with instructional activities including helping children learn to read and write, develop mathematical skills, and learn about social studies and science. Graduates of this program will work primarily in public school classrooms with either early elementary students or in classrooms for all ages assisting with children with special needs. Some graduates will also work in special programs focusing specifically on subjects such as reading and math. You can expect a salary range of $15,054 to $24,638. Preparation for employment includes lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities through labs and Work-Based Learning work experiences.

Credentials available: Associate of Applied Science Degree in School Aged Education

Average Class Size: 20 – 35 students

Curriculum Courses by Semester

School-Aged Education Degree (A55440)