Student Awards

Are you a leader among your peers at Wayne Community College and in your community? Are you experiencing successes and turning your life around thanks to WCC? The college wants to recognize students who fit these descriptions.

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Wayne Community College is currently accepting student nominations for the Governor Robert W. Scott Student Leadership Award. The Scott Award is designed to highlight outstanding curriculum student’s

leadership and service, both on campus and within the community.

Applicants must be enrolled at least six semester hours, be in good academic standing, have a GPA of at least 2.5.

To apply, submit a reflective essay of no more than two pages (500 words) that describes your leadership style, what your leadership experience has meant to you, and your most outstanding contribution as a leader, and a list of your campus and community activities with any related awards and honors. A committee will review all materials and verify grade point averages.

WCC’s Robert Scott Award winner will advance to compete for the statewide award and will be honored at WCC’s Recognition Ceremony in late spring 2014. The statewide winner will be recognized during the

2014 N4CSGA Spring Conference. The statewide winner will receive a plaque along with $1,000, and each of the five finalists for the award will receive $250.

Student Nomination Forms for the Scott Leadership Award (attached), reflective essays, and activities lists must be submitted to Paige Ham, director of WCC Student Activities, by 5 p.m., Thursday, January 23, 2014. For more information about the Scott Award, contact Ms. Ham at or 919-739-6740.

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Are you a student who has reached beyond what you ever considered possible for yourself? Thanks to WCC, you blossomed and then dared to dream that there could be even more than that. You are the student we want to apply for the North Carolina Community College System’s Dallas Herring Achievement Award.

We are looking for special students who prove that WCC fulfills Dr. Herring’s philosophy that community colleges should “take people where they are and carry them as far as they can go.” Applicants can be current or former (within past two years) students in WCC’s curriculum, continuing education, or Basic Skills programs. The must be or have left in good academic standing.

You will have to write a short (500 words) essay. One way to tackle it is to just start writing about your situation before you came to WCC, what happened here to change that, where you are now, and where you see yourself in the future thanks to WCC. Often the hardest part is getting started, and once you do, the next hardest part will be cutting it down to the required number of words. If you have a good story but are stumbling with getting it onto paper or you have written it but need help editing it, please contact Tara Humphries and she’ll work with you. You can contact her at, 919-739-7002, or Dogwood 105 with any questions. The attached form for the Herring Achievement Award and the essay are due to Ms. Humphries by 5 p.m., Thursday, January 23, 2014.

The finalists and winner for WCC’s Herring Award will be honored at the college’s Recognition Ceremony in late spring 2014. The winner will be the college’s nominee for the statewide Herring Award. The statewide award will be presented at the recipient’s college’s 2014 awards ceremony.

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Please note that an essay written for one of these awards will not suffice for the other one. You must prepare separate documents that relate to the specifice theme of each award.

The forms you need to complete and submit with your essays are provided below.

2014 WCC Robert Scott Award FormWCC Herring Award Form 2014