Get Started – Visiting Students

Below are the five steps Visiting Students will need to complete to take credit courses at WCC. Click on the + signs for more information about each step.

Complete Application for Curriculum Program

Applications can be completed in the Admissions Office or online. Registration dates and deadlines can be found here. The second page of the Application is the Residence Status Application which is used to determine in-state or out-of-state residence classification for tuition purposes. Additional information may be required. If necessary, a Part II or Part III residence form will be required.

Financial Aid?

Special Credit students are not eligible for Financial Aid at WCC.

Letter of Permission

A letter of permission is required to waive the prerequisite(s) for the particular class(es) that you need to take. If you do not have a letter of permission, you can show us proof of your prerequisite(s) by submitting the official college transcript that has your prerequisite(s) on it.

Placement Tests

In most cases Visiting Students do not need to take Placement Tests, but depending on your situation you may be required to take a Placement Test before you can take a course at WCC.

Meet with Counselor

Students completing the placement test will meet with a counselor immediately after testing to review the results. The counselor will also officially accept you into your program of study and assign your academic advisor. If you did not take a placement test, you are required to schedule a time to meet with a counselor for acceptance into the college. This official acceptance makes you eligible to register at the next registration period.