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WLC Renovation Project

NOTE: As of April 25, the main (west) entrance to the Wayne Learning Center will be closed for at least 2-3 weeks. Please use the north entrance (left side of the building as you approach from Wayne Memorial Drive) and south entrance (right side of building as you approach from Wayne Memorial Drive).  Both are handicapped accessible and the elevators are near the north entrance.

The first floor of the Wayne Learning Center will be undergoing renovation during the Spring and Summer 2014 semesters. This project will dramatically improve the student experience as the new space will be much more user friendly. The new layout will simplify navigation through the admissions, counseling, financial aid, and placement testing processes. The college hopes it will improve productivity of staff as well through better work flows.

Departments will be displaced and other areas made unusable as the construction progresses. The college asks that you bear with us, knowing that the end result will be worth the temporary upheaval.


Beginning in January 2014, the Student Lounge will be closed to all student activity. It will serve as temporary office space for Admissions and Records and Financial Aid personnel until renovations to the first floor of the Wayne Learning Center are complete. The cafeteria will be open for students to gather after it is cleaned following lunch and into the early evening, and the library is available for quiet study.

  • Admissions has been relocated to the Student Lounge. (See photo below for details.)
  • Financial Aid has been relocated to the Student Lounge. (See photo below for details.)
  • Counseling Services has been relocated to WLC 161 (Seminar Room).
  • Campus Police has been relocated to SGA area.
  • Joy Shaw has been relocated to WLC 118.
  • As of January 23, 2014, the WORKS / CRC lab has permanently moved to WAL-136.
  • The College Transfer Advising has moved long-term to WLC-229.
  • Campus Police is temporarily relocated to WLC-117.
  • Campus Information has been temporarily relocated to WLC-118 and the Ticket Booth in front of the Moffatt Auditorium.

Additional notices will be posted as offices are relocated throughout the renovation project.

STUDENT SERVICES RELOCATION LAYOUT (Click on image for larger version.)