How the Online Tutoring program works

The Online Tutoring program begins by a student’s requesting an Online Tutoring session. Please see the How to Request an Online Tutor session section to request a session. The ASC will assign a tutor to be available during your designated hours when you wish to be tutored. Please bear in mind that availability may be limited, depending on a tutor’s schedule and the course.

The ASC is committed to meeting the needs of every student and will make every effort to facilitate your request. You will be notified of your scheduled time by e-mail. You must have a computer with internet access, Google Chrome or compatible browser (The ASC recommends Google Chrome), and a Google Plus account on the computer. The tutor will initiate the tutoring session. Please be online and available during the scheduled tutoring time. From there, the tutoring will be conducted through chat, voice, video, and whiteboard.