Webadvisor Tutorials

How To Register for Courses/Sections:

Step 1: Before registering online you must meet with your advisor each semester to discuss your schedule and to ensure you take the appropriate courses in your major. The advisor will then remove any blocks on your account, which will allow you to register online at the appropriate time.

Step 2: Check your WCC Student Email for your registration date. You will receive an email from the Admissions Office informing you when your registration time has arrived.

Step 3: Choose the courses you would like to register for (Course name, number and section).

Lists with the courses that are available are updated as the registration process moves forward each semester on the Course Schedules page.

You can also search for courses within Webadvisor, which is the online service that you will eventually use yourself to register for your classes.

How to Live Search for Available Courses/Sections:

  • Click Search for Sections
  • Choose the correct Term from the pull-down menu
  • Choose Subject from the pull-down menu
  • Enter the Course Number
  • Click Submit

Note: the Status column indicates whether a section is Open or Closed. A closed course means the maximum number of students have registered for that particular section. The Availability/Capacity column indicates how many seats are left in the course.

For a video tutorial of these directions please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Express Registration:

Once you have chosen your courses/sections (please write this information down and have it ready when logging into Webadvisor), you are ready to register using Express Registration.

  • Login to Webadvisor
  • Click Students
  • Under Registration, click Register for Sections
  • On the next page, click Express Registration
  • Leave the Synonym column blank
  • Fill out the Subject, Course Number, Section Number, and Term for each course you wish to register for.

  • Click Submit
  • This will put your course(s) into a list. (You have NOT registered yet)
  • Confirm you course selections, in the Action column beside each course, select Register

  • Click Submit
  • If you receive NO error messages:
  • To verify you have successfully registered, click My Class Schedule for a copy of your schedule. If there are no courses in your schedule or there are courses missing, return to Express Registration and try again. Double check all selections: Register, Course name, section and availability.

For a video tutorial of these directions please scroll to the bottom of the page.

How to access your class schedule:

  • Login to Webadvisor
  • Click Students
  • Click My class schedule
  • Choose the appropriate term. EX: Summer 2016, Fall 2017 or Spring 2018
  • Click Submit

Pay Your Tuition Online:

  • Once you have registered, you can pay your tuition online using a Visa or MasterCard
  • From the Students menu click, Make a Payment
  • Please note: Payment must be made in full
  • If you would  like to know how much you owe click Account Summary
  • If you receive financial aid click Financial Aid status for the applicable time period

How to check your final curriculum grades:

  • Login to Webadvisor
  • Click the Students icon
  • Click Grades
  • Choose the appropriate term
  • Click Submit

FAQs and Troubleshooting:

  • If you cannot register for one of your courses:
    • You may not have met with your advisor. All students must meet with their advisor prior to registration every semester
    • You may not have a prerequisite needed for the course, contact your advisor.
    • If you cannot register for one of your courses, you may need to try other sections or a different course
    • If your attempt is unsuccessful, confirm that it is your time to register. In addition, look at the Available/Capacity column to confirm that seats are still available in that section.
    • The course may be full, you may need to try another section or a different course.
    • Search for another section under the Search and Register option
    • If you receive an error message: failed confirm that  it is your time to register. Check your WCC email or contact your advisor
    • Other common issues: course time conflicts, closed courses, or attempting to register for a course that is restricted to certain majors.
    • Webadvisor times out periodically. Be safe and write down your preferred course/section information
  • When searching for courses, if you want only credit classes only in the search results, select the term without CE. For example, select Fall 2017, not Fall 2017CE.

Course Section Legend

If you are looking for particular sections, such as online only, refer to the following list:

01-19 – Main Campus Day Classes
20-24 – High School Classes
25-29 – Main Campus Hybrid Classes — Online Portions
30-39 – Evening Hybrid
40-49 – Main Campus Internet Classes – Online
50-54 – SJAFB Campus Day Classes
55-59 – SJAFB Campus Internet Classes – Online
60-69 – Main Campus Hybrid Classes – Online Portions
70-79 – Main Campus Evening Classes
80-84 – SJAFB Campus Evening Classes
85-89 – SJAFB Campus Hybrid Classes – Online Portions
95 – Honors