International Student

NOTE: WCC is not approved for attendance of non-immigrant students with F, J, or M visas. Students who hold a United States residency card may apply for admission to WCC.

Step One – Complete Application for Curriculum Program

Apply Online Now!

Or apply at the Admissions Office on the first floor of the Wayne Learning Center.

Step Two – Apply for Financial Aid / Veteran’s Aid

Apply Online Now!

WCC’s Federal School Code is 008216.

Apply early, as it can take several weeks to process your financial aid application.

Step Three – Submit Official Transcripts

We need transcripts from your high school (or High School Equivalency/GED Certification and scores) and any colleges you have attended in the past.

And yes, this means you are required to provide transcripts no matter when you graduated from high school, and transcripts for all college classes you attempted or completed.

Step Four – Schedule and Take Placement Tests

To schedule testing, please call the Counseling Services Office at 919-739-6732. If you need to request accommodations, please call the Disability Services Counselor at 919-739-6729.

Placement tests for math, reading, writing, and computer skills are used to place students in appropriate level classes. You are encouraged to utilize test review materials.

Step Five – Meet with Counselor

Students completing the placement test will meet with a counselor immediately after testing to review the results. The counselor will also officially accept you into your program of study and assign your academic advisor.

If you did not take a placement test, you are required to meet with a counselor for acceptance into the college. This official acceptance makes you eligible to register at the next registration period.

Step Six – WCC’s New Student Orientation

New students will be contacted when orientation sessions are made available.