Special Credit Students

If you would like to take a class for personal enrichment without declaring a major, you will be classified as a Special Credit Student.  A Special Credit Student may or may not have previous college credit; however, every student is required to meet the prerequisites for the particular class(es) they want to register for.  Special Credit Students need to complete an application either in our office, through CFNC.org (opens in new window), or printed off our website and mailed to us.  Please allow adequate time for processing and be aware that additional paperwork may be required.

After your application is submitted, you will need to contact the Office of Admissions & Records to schedule a placement test as required to meet the class prerequisite(s).  The placement test will be waived if the class has no prerequisite(s) or if you have previous college credit that satisfies the prerequisite(s) requirement.  You will need to submit the official college transcript of your prerequisite to the Office of Admissions & Records.  An official transcript is one that has been sealed by your previous school and has not been opened.

After you have met the prerequisites by either taking the placement test or submitting an official transcript, you will need to go to Counseling Services to have an acceptance interview.  When it is time to register, you will also register with a counselor in Counseling Services.  Please refer to our Registration Information Sheets to view our registration and payment dates.

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