Workforce Continuing Education

HRD Course Descriptions

Mission Employed!

This course is designed to ensure successful completion of the mission – Employment. Videotaped interviews, technology awareness, problem solving, time management, and communication skills will all be utilized to assist students in achieving their goals and becoming employed. 40 hours.

Money Smart

What you need to know to successfully balance a checkbook, manage a savings and checking account, save for a home, apply for a loan and much more! 24 hours.

HRD/CRC Success Lab

What you need to know to improve your Career Readiness Certification (CRC) scores, complete an employment application, prepare for an interview, develop the art of networking, develop good work ethics and more! 30 hours.

Get Hired!

This course provides basic job readiness training with step-by-step instructions for conducting a job search to uncover the hidden job market, interviewing skills and tips for making a good first impression. 40 hours.

Success Through Employability Pathways (S.T.E.P.)

What you need to know to fill out an application form, resume guidelines, completing the employment application, the art of networking, preparing for the interview, guidelines for making ethical decisions, balancing life and work, and workplace basics. 32 hours.

Technology Awareness in the Workplace

This course is designed to teach you how to market yourself in a tough job market using today’s technology.  Come learn how to use technology to locate job openings, complete online applications, use social media for effective networking and build an electronic employment portfolio.  38 hours.

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