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Earn full credit in half the time!

Fall classes start September through mid October!

Don’t wait until next semester to take the classes you need. There’s still time to get started on your college goals this fall with our Express to Success classes, which include 8-Week Mini-Semester and Late Start classes.

Our next 8-week session begins mid October, and the Late Start classes begin anywhere from September to the middle of October.

September Late Start classes include: Art, Autobody, Automotive, Business, Computers, Drafting, English, History, Math, Political Science, and Sociology.

October 8-Week classes include: Animal Science, Business, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Health, Machining, Math, Medical Office, Networking, Office Administration, Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion.

Express to Success Options Explained

8-Week Mini-Semesters
WCC offers accelerated courses for students who are interested in completing a course in a timeframe that is more convenient to their lifestyle. With accelerate programs, WCC takes a traditional 16-Week course and compresses the material into an 8-Week Mini-Semester. The course content and credit are the same; it is just covered in less time.

Late Start Classes
During the Fall and Spring semesters WCC has a select group of courses that have staggered start dates that typically begin a few weeks after the semesters starts. We call these Late Start Classes, and because these classes begin later they are also shorter than the normal semester classes. Some of these classes are as short as four weeks.

Express to Success classes are great for students who need:

  • The same classes and credit as the regular 16-week semesters at a faster pace
  • Choices to start classes later in the semester
  • Online and classroom options

What are the advantages of 8-week classes?

  • Lets you complete more classes in a shorter period of time
  • Empowers you to go from part-time to full-time status
  • Leads to faster degree completion

How is Express to Success so flexible?

Not every student’s schedule allows them to take four or five classes in a traditional 16-week college semester. It could be that you have a job or a lifestyle situation that prevents you from taking on a full load of classes, but you don’t want it to take forever to get your degree. With our Express to Success courses you can obtain the same amount of course credits in 16 weeks, but you’re taking half as many classes at any given time.

Taking four classes in a 16-week semester might have you going to two classes on Monday and Wednesday and two classes on Tuesday and Thursday, filling up nearly all of your week. With Express to Success classes you could take two courses in the first 8-Week Mini-Semester and two courses in the second 8-Week Mini-Semester, so you get four classes done in the same amount of time, but without disrupting your busy schedule.

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