Future Leaders Of the World Club - WCC F.L.O.W. - Wayne Community College | Goldsboro, NC

Future Leaders Of the World Club – WCC F.L.O.W.

The WCC F.L.O.W. Club is designed to serve as an opportunity for Wayne Community College students to learn the skills needed to become the future leaders of the world. In the global economy, Wayne Community College students will become the new leaders in global business and leadership.

Topics included: Training and experience in leadership through networking, workshops, community service, and student-driven projects

Potential community service: Soup Kitchen, Domestic Violence Awareness, Habitat for Humanity

What we are about:

  • Helping you reach the success that you are destined for.
  • Creating a bond that will never diminish.
  • Helping you to become a valuable entity in today‚Äôs society.
  • Providing you with resources that are not visible, but are there.
  • Critiquing your ability to network inside a broader environment.
  • Teaching you how the value of teamwork and community projects will benefit you and others now and in the future.

To become a part of the WCC F.L.O.W Club, email Chad Evans.

Flow in action: