Faculty Users

Library Cards

All WCC faculty and staff members, whether part-time or full-time, must have a WCC picture ID made by the Student Affairs Office to which the Erwin Library barcode may be affixed.

All WCC faculty and students are encouraged to apply for either a new or an updated Erwin Library card using the online Library Card Application.

If you require your students to provide verification that they have already registered with the Erwin Library and received a library barcode number, please direct them to fill out the short Library Card Confirmation Request form, available from the Library Card Application page.  Upon verifying a student’s already existing library account, an Erwin Librarian will create and email a PDF to the student, which he or she can then forward directly to you.  The student’s library barcode number and any personal information will not be visible on the document.

A third party may present another Erwin Library patron’s card to check out materials for the absent patron, but the patron whose card is used will have full responsibility for the good condition and return or replacement cost of the items.


Since campus-wide restrictions in place for access to certain social networking or gaming websites restrict some uses of the Erwin Library student computer workstations, faculty who wish students to access such sites for a homework assignment may contact the Open Computer Lab in Magnolia Building (919.739.7032, or ext. 7032 on-campus), clear the assignment in advance with the head of the Lab, and afterwards send their students to that lab to complete such an assignment under supervision of the Open Computer Lab staff.

Wireless Access and Printing

Wireless internet access is freely available to all Erwin Library users and college visitors with no special login required.

Wireless Printing Service is available for use from any internet connected computer or mobile device (use the free PrinterOn App from your device’s app store).

All print jobs are sent to the Erwin Library printer and may be picked up and paid for at the Circulation Desk during the library’s regular Hours of Operation.  No login is required; you only need your email address to identify your print job at the Circulation Desk.

Wireless print options include printing almost any document or web page, in either black and white singled-sided, or black and white double-sided (i.e. duplex) format.  The cost is fifteen cents per printed side of a page.

You may call ahead to make sure that your print job is available for you to pick up by calling the Circulation Desk (919.739.6891).   Use the Wireless Printing Service link on the Erwin Library homepage to find out more, or to initiate your print request.

Information Literacy Sessions

An online Erwin Library Student Guide providing comprehensive introductions to all of the library’s services and resources is available on the Erwin Library webpage, as well as from the college’s Moodle page using the Student Resources drop-down menu found in the middle of the menu bar at the top of the page.  Also found in this drop-down menu is a link to the Erwin Library Basic Information Literacy Quiz, which only requires a user’s WCC Moodle login credentials to access, take and receive instant feedback with a final score.

By assigning his or her students to review the Student Guide, then take the Basic Information Literacy Quiz, any WCC faculty member can provide an online information literacy component for the entire class, without the necessity of a face-to-face presentation in the library or a classroom.

The instructor may then send the list of student names and WCC email addresses to a librarian using the Ask a Librarian online form, requesting the test scores for each student.  Dates and times the test was taken, as well as how many times it was taken by each student can also be sent back to the instructor in an email, along with the scores.

Additionally, the Faculty Guide to Erwin Library targets some specific faculty concerns such as Information Literacy, Copyright and Moodle related library services and resources.

Erwin Reference Librarians conduct face-to-face information literacy training sessions in either the Erwin Library Literacy Lab or in any off-site location on campus by appointment.  The Reference Librarians also conduct library tours in the Erwin Library.

In information literacy sessions, students receive hands-on instruction for searching the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), all research databases to which the Erwin Library subscribes, as well as relevant authoritative internet and paper resources.

Faculty are requested to please use the online Information Literacy/Study Session Reservation form to request a session, though the instructor may certainly call the Reference Desk (919.739.6890; ext. 6890 on-campus) later to clarify details or special requests. Instructor-led group study sessions may also be arranged for the Library Literacy Lab, using the same online reservation form.  A faculty member may request that a Reference Librarian be available to answer questions from students in any instructor-led group study session.

Appointments for information literacy sessions or instructor-led group study sessions in the Library Literacy Lab should be confirmed at least a week in advance to ensure availability of the Library Literacy Lab at the requested time slot.

Requests for sessions to be taught in the instructor’s own classroom may be made by entering the off-site building name and classroom number into the reservation form.  An off-site session is desirable if the class would include over twenty-five students.

An information literacy session may easily be tailored by the Erwin Reference Librarian to suit the specific research needs of a particular class’s current assignment or project if the faculty member enters his or her specific needs in the Areas of Special Interest to Class field of the online form.  The instructor may also use the Browse button on the form to attach a copy the class’s relevant assignment.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Full Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is available free to any faculty member with a current Erwin Library card, and material may be picked up at the Erwin Library Circulation desk by a third party presenting the requestor’s library card.  A request for a book on interlibrary loan should be made at the library at least two weeks before it is needed.

Loan requests must be made using the either the online Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request form for ARTICLE or Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request form for BOOK.  A Reference Librarian will be happy to assist you in using the online form from your home or office computer, or from an Erwin Library workstation.

No ILL item may be placed on Academic Reserve.

Most articles can also be scanned and emailed as PDF attachments, so please provide an email address in the ILL request form.

Online Databases

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) may be searched remotely from any computer that has Internet access, though holds may be placed only with an Erwin Library card barcode.

This Erwin Library card barcode also provides login access to all research databases and the patron’s account in the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to renew checked out items before they are overdue, or to place an interlibrary hold on an item held by another CCLINC library.

The WCC Single Search discovery service now allows Erwin Library users, either on-campus or remotely, to make the most of the library’s ever-evolving collection of electronic, as well as print, resources.  Accessible through this discovery service are nearly thirty thousand video-recordings, as well as hundreds of thousands of electronic books, articles and images from sixty-two research databases in addition to those subscribed to through NC LIVE.

Video Streaming

For faculty who wish to add a video link from the digital video resources to which the Erwin Library subscribes, to a Moodle course page so students taking a course may view the video through the course page, the tutorial WCC Single Search Basics:  Add Video Permalinks to Moodle (PDF) will be very helpful.


By contacting an Erwin Reference Librarian, in person or by email (wcc-library@waynecc.edu), WCC Faculty may place either Erwin Library-owned materials or their own research materials on Academic Reserve in the Erwin Library. The library requires at least three business days in advance to process a request to set up a reserve for a class, or to add on or remove items from a reserve list.

Books may be set up with a 2-hour in-house, one-day, or 1-week checkout period. Please note that the library’s student computer workstations are not configured to play DVDs.

Faculty may request that sign-out sheets be mailed to them showing that their students have accessed certain materials placed on reserve. All Academic Reserve master lists and sign-out sheets are maintained in a single Reserve Notebook at the Library Circulation Desk.

Purchase of Materials

Faculty may suggest materials be purchased for the Library Collections by contacting the Reference Librarians in person, by phone (919.739.6890, or ext. 67890 on-campus) or by email at wcc-library@waynecc.edu, who will verify bibliographic information for the title(s) and direct the suggestion to the Director of Library Services.

Please include personal contact information if you wish to be updated about the status of the request, and you will be notified promptly.

Criteria for selection or deselection of library materials in all formats and subject areas may be found in the Collection Development Plan.

Checkout of Materials

All General Collection books are checked out for a 21-day period and may be renewed online by the patron in the OPAC, or by phone request to the Erwin Library Circulation Desk, if the books are not yet overdue, for an additional 21 days.

Though overdue items may not be renewed, they may be checked out again, once they are returned to either the Library Circulation Desk or the blue Library Book Return box in front of the WLC Building, and the account cleared.

The library only maintains a small collection of DVDs now on behalf of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA), mainly used by NCSBA affiliates all over the state for training purposes, but also available to any WCC faculty member.  These DVDs may circulate to WCC faculty for a seven-day period only, with a limit of three titles (a multi-volume set may be considered a single title) on a single library account at any one time.

Otherwise, thousands of streaming videos in all subject areas are now available from the library’s homepage through the WCC Single Search discovery service.  Links to these digital videos may also be added to any Moodle class page, or sent to one or more recipients in an email, for use by any number of simultaneous users at any time of the day or night.  Only the user’s Erwin Library card barcode number is needed as a login for viewing outside of the library.

Reference items and print periodicals may be used or photocopied only in the library.


Though faculty are not charged overdue fees, they are responsible for the cost of replacement of lost items either owned by the Erwin Library or items borrowed for the faculty member on ILL.

Library Card Application (Confirmation Request)
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)