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AI and Cloud Technologies

The AI and Cloud Technologies program provides you with foundations in both artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies.

AI is the foundation for self-driving vehicles, face recognition, voice recognition, advancements in medical diagnosis, enhanced decision-making, and much more. As digital information continues to expand, there is more reliance on cloud technologies to meet complex growth challenges. Globally, cloud technology meets these challenges and increases business opportunities. There is increased demand for AI and cloud technology professionals.

This program addresses the demand by providing skilled graduates who can manage public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures, and help organizations transition to cloud-based solutions. You will be prepared for employment in any organization that seeks to use AI to problem-solve, increase productivity, speed decision-making, and create new business opportunities.

Upon completion of the AI and Cloud Technologies program, you should be able to:

  • Understand the modern digital AI and cloud concepts.
  • Configure cloud technologies.
  • Use AI and cloud products in the completion of a project from the definition phase through implementation.

Average Class Size:

15 – 20

ECU’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Transfer Program

ECU Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Transfer Program banner
Interested in earning a Bachelor’s? This degree program qualifies for East Carolina University’s BS in Industrial Technology Transfer Program! Once you receive your Associate in Applied Science degree at WCC, you have the option of transferring your credits to ECU towards a Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology (BSIT). Learn more about the program at ECU’s website.

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