Network Management

Want to keep the world wired, wireless, and connected? Connect with us and learn how to build, troubleshoot and repair complex LANs and WANs in all types of organizations. Network management is a fascinating and challenging career. Almost every type of computer related job requires networking skills. Almost all computing devices, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, servers, game consoles, etc., require connectivity. Networking is what connects the entire world.

Average Class Size:

15 – 20

Things to Consider:

Students get hands-on experience with technologies such as wireless controllers, thin access points, firewall appliances, Linux, VMware, cloud computing, and cloud storage. Nearly all companies use computer technology of some sort. Nearly all companies use technology that must communicate with other technologies. These technologies require skilled technicians to create IT network infrastructures, manage network components, and troubleshooting network components. This means nearly every organization is a potential source of employment for graduates with this degree.


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