Bison Wifi Drive-in - Wayne Community College | Goldsboro, NC

Bison Wifi Drive-in

Wireless coverage has been boosted on campus to create drive-in wifi hotspots.

Locations available on our campus:

  1. The parking lot between the Wayne Learning Center and the digital marquee at the front of the campus.
  2. The parking lots adjacent to the new construction.
  3. The parking lot in front of the Spruce building (across from the tennis courts) at the back of the campus.

Please refer to the map below for further clarification of WCC’s free wifi locations.

Other Options

United Way of Wayne County has created a list of “Park and Learn” open Wi-Fi sites around Wayne County. For assistance with finding the site nearest you, call 919-735-3591.

(IMPORTANT: To remain in compliance with Governor Cooper’s Stay at Home Order, families and students taking advantage of “Park & Learn” opportunities must stay in their vehicle while parked and return home once they are completed. At no time should any student or family member leave their vehicle to congregate with others who are also visiting the public Wi-Fi sites.)

The NC Department of Information Technology provides lists of public Wi-Fi access locations and free or affordable service offerings from vendors across the state. It includes an interactive map to help locate free Wi-Fi.

Bison WiFi Drive-in Map