Spring 2014 President’s and Dean’s Lists

Wayne Community College has honored 297 students for outstanding academic achievement in the spring 2014 semester.

The college recognizes the students listed below as having earned a place on its President’s or Dean’s lists.

President’s List
To be named to the President’s List, students must be enrolled for at least 12 semester hours and earn a grade point average of 4.0 for the semester.

Tiffany Buck, Medical Office Administration

Alexander Zayden, Aviation Systems

Michael Poole, Aviation Systems

Tex Medlin, Collision Repair and Refinishing; and
Howard Parker, Aviation Systems

Deep Run
Kolten Jenkins, Agribusiness

Lekeeyma Beckley, Associate in Arts;
Amber Denning, Associate in Arts;
Danielle Kinsey, Associate in Arts;
Kelly Luft, Pharmacy Technology;
Danita Robinson, Medical Assisting; and
Joseph Wells, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

Karen Howell, Early Childhood Education

Michael Osborne, Aviation Systems

Karoline Ancel, Associate in Arts;
Alex Benton, Electronics Engineering;
Joseph Borgquist, Associate in General Education;
Rayna Brown, Associate in Arts;
Jerad Buckley, Associate in Arts;
Ashley Bundrick, Associate in Arts;
William Burnette, Simulation and Game Development;
Amanda Casey, Associate in Arts;
Yan Chau, Associate in Art;
Shakoria Clark, Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence;
Philip Crain, Collision Repair and Refinishing;
Kenneth Creech, Aviation Systems;
Michaela Deguzman, Associate in Arts;
Michael Duszik, Aviation Systems;
Chad Evans, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Marissa Gilmour, Associate in Arts;
Michael Hamilton, Welding;
Anna Hawley, Associate in General Education;
Matthew Hill, Computer Information;
Wayne Hill, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Scott Hollis, Associate in Arts;
Joshua Hollowell, Associate in Arts;
Katherine Johnston, Accounting;
Michael Jones, Accounting;
Angela Lambert, Associate in Science;
Christian Lanning, Simulation and Game Development;
Gail Luckett, Pharmacy Technology;
Yingyin Mai, Associate in General Education;
Brittaney Martinez, Associate in Arts;
Kimberly Massey, Associate in Arts;
Jonathan McDonald, Associate in Arts;
Michael Mendez, Aviation Systems;
John Morrison, Simulation and Game Development;
Bryan Pike, Energy Management;
Anthony Poppe, Business Administration;
Jeffrey Radcliff, Aviation Systems;
Willis Rathbone, Associate in Arts;
Stuart Rose, Welding;
Jesse Royer, Simulation and Game Development;
Jared Rozzi, Tool Design;
Theresa Russell, Human Services;
Samai Saleh, Pharmacy Technology;
Sarah Savery, Associate in General Education;
Heather Schuch, Networking;
Dawn Shipman-Bryson, Computer Information;
Tony Shute, Welding;
Katherine Smith, Associate in Arts;
Hunter Spangler, Simulation and Game Development;
Timothy Stark, Turfgrass Management;
Layla Steele, School-Age Education;
Dennis Styles, Computer Information;
Romario Torres Rivera, Collision Repair and Refinishing;
Alease Watkins, Simulation and Game Development; and
Koby Whitaker, Associate in Arts

Sean Gough, Forest Management; and
Jason Green, Turfgrass Management

Holly Springs
Christian Cartier, Aviation Systems

Jaime Perry, Dental Assisting; and
Derick White, Agribusiness

La Grange
Alex Hardison, Associate in General Education;
Chassidy Lee, Associate in Science;
Garrett Pyle, Associate of Arts;
Tonya Strong, Medical Assisting; and
Lacarlo Frederick, Computer Information

Mount Olive
McCaggie Hughes, Industrial Systems;
Chase Kornegay, Agribusiness;
Douglas Kornegay, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Kenton Lane, Industrial System; and
Teresa Moon, Office Administration

Sara Bellomy, Associate in Arts;
Haley Daniels, Cosmetology;
Jeremy Daniels, Associate in Arts;
Adeline Delorme, Accounting;
Lisa Freels, Associate in General Education;
Samantha Grzybek, Associate in Arts;
Marcy Henn, Pharmacy Technology;
Ashley Horne, Associate in Arts;
Robert Jennette, Associate in Science;
Hector Laureano, Medical Office Administration;
Benjamin Massey, Associate in Arts;
Derrick McGill, Aviation Systems;
Tony Murphy, Forest Management;
Curtis Nelson, Collision Repair and Refinishing;
Brittany Parrish, Associate in Arts;
Peggy Person, Mechanical Engineering;
Brittani Purdie, Dental Assisting;
Daniel Radford, Applied Animal Science;
Ashton Rochelle, Aviation Systems;
Taylor Stewart, Associate in Arts;
Renee Stoneking, Pharmacy Technology;
Donald Taylor, Associate in General Education; and
Stephanie Weaver, Associate in Arts

Pink Hill
Yesenia Garnica, Dental Assisting; and
Sherry Short, Dental Assisting

Stephanie Dimatteo, Associate in General Education;
William Howard, Industrial Systems;
Nathan Tubb, Associate in Arts; and
Nolan Tubb, Associate in Arts

Kenneth Pearsall, Aviation Systems; and
John Schmittle, Aviation Systems

Mary Hyslop, Medical Office Administration; and
Carl Lipscomb, Collision Repair and Refinishing

Seven Springs
Yovani Campos, Associate in Arts;
Ashley Hildebrand, Medical Office Administration;
Vanessa Holder, Medical Office Administration;
Erick Ordonez, Associate in Arts; and
Paola Ponce, Associate in Arts

Brittany Moorhead, Associate in Science; and
Brandon Watson, Aviation Systems

Snow Hill
Courtney Barrow, Computer Information;
Daniel Gurganious, Associate in Arts;
Kevin Kirk, Associate in Arts; and
Choua Vue, Aviation Systems

Donna Shingleton, Medical Assisting

Wake Forest
Patrick Tobler, Aviation Systems

William Lovelace, Aviation Systems

Carlos Mondragon, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

Joshua Combs, Welding

Dean’s List
To garner a spot on the Dean’s List, students must have carried 12 semester hours of classes and earned a grade point average of at least 3.60, with no grade below a “C”.

Robert Moye, Applied Animal Science

Taylor Sermersheim, Applied Animal Science

Lyndsay Carter, Dental Assisting

Phillip Kirkland, Business Administration/Operations Management

Monica Castro, Medical Office Administration

Stephanie Capps, Dental Hygiene

Kristen Bova, Medical Office Administration;
Heather Bridgers, Medical Assisting;
Alexander Guerrero-Abreu, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration;
Mykayla Hines, Associate in Arts;
June Elaine Mixon, Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding;
Fernando Olague, Associate in Arts;
Kirsten Redfield, Medical Office Administration; and
Nick Spencer, Computer Information

Four Oaks
Hannah Mitchell, Dental Assisting; and
Curtis Russell, Criminal Justice

Brittany Denton, Dental Assisting;
Kathryn Gurley, Associate in Arts;
Trenna Harrell, Medical Office Administration;
Brian Pittman, Welding;
Timothy Pleasant, Associate in Science; and
Courtney Speight, Dental Hygiene

Arturo Aguilar, Associate in Arts;
Elizabeth Audelo, Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence;
Meghan Bartlett, Associate in Arts;
Matthew Belk, Medical Laboratory Technology;
Kelsee Bratley, Associate in Arts;
Justin Casey, Associate in Arts;
Kevin Cerra, Aviation Systems;
Jonathon Cherry, Welding;
Latoya Coburn, Medical Assisting;
Terrill Coley, Criminal Justice;
Dustin Cook, Associate in Science;
Cody Crisco, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Morgan Crutchfield, Associate in Arts;
Amber Dodge, Associate in Arts;
Daniel Domingo, Mechanical Engineering;
Janiece Dunn, Associate in Arts;
Brian Elder, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Timothy Fagan, Networking;
Dayton Fennell, Energy Management Certificate;
Jahmiel Ford, Industrial Systems;
Derik Foster, Associate in General Education;
Jennifer Goff, Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding;
Marianna Gray, Associate in Science;
Spencer Gray, Associate in Arts;
Breanna Grim, Associate in Arts;
Charles Hagans, Building Science Certificate;
Shenika Hailey, Medical Office Administration;
Julie Ham, Associate in Arts;
Davis Harrison, Associate in Arts;
Whitney Hartley, Applied Animal Science;
Timothy Haun, Industrial Controls Certificate;
Stephania Haya, Pharmacy Technology;
Savannah Herrell, Associate of Arts;
Alexandria Herring, Pharmacy Technology;
Brandon Hill, Industrial Systems;
Brianna Homminga, Associate in Arts;
David Hood, Medical Laboratory Technology;
Ru Huang, Associate in Arts;
Subrina Hudson, Business Administration;
Tramus Hunter, Welding;
Elias Igleheart, Associate in Arts;
Nathan Jensen, Automotive Systems;
Dennis Jones, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration;
Whitney Joyner, Simulation and Game Development;
Samantha Kalinowski, Associate in Arts;
Jennifer Kline, Associate in General Education;
Lisa Lamm, Office Administration;
Mary Lavanway, Associate in General Education;
Erika Lee, Associate in Arts;
James Lee, Associate in Arts;
Holly McGuire, Associate in General Education;
Shaquithia McKinney, Associate in Arts;
Joseph Morris, Mechanical Engineering;
Maria Morris, Associate in Arts;
Herman Parrales, Associate in Science;
Brentlee Plybon, Industrial Systems;
Bryon Power, Associate in General Education;
Sarah Price, Medical Assisting;
Taylor Prince, Associate in General Education;
Daniel Ratliff, Mechanical Engineering;
Jaclyn Robinson, Associate in Arts;
Tara Rodriguez, Associate in Arts;
Molly Roebuck, Associate in Arts;
Kenneth Sanders, Aviation Systems;
Thurman Shackelford, Emergency Management;
Casey Shearin, Associate in Arts;
Lucas Smith, Mechanical Engineering;
Debra Sotelo, Dental Hygiene;
Travis Thaxton, Associate in Arts;
Audrey Thompson, Business Administration;
Joshua Turner, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration;
Charlene Vaughn, School-Age Education;
Sabrina Weisner, Associate in Arts;
Stephanie West, Associate in Arts;
Jazmin Woodard, Associate in Arts;
Venitta Worrells, Healthcare Management;
Brandon Yelverton, Associate of Arts; and
Shannon Yerkes, Office Administration

Leslie Grady, Associate in Arts; and
Paige Morning, Associate in General Education

La Grange
Mark Barnett, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Maurizio Casique, Computer Information;
Kenneth Jarman, Automotive Systems;
Joshua Peeples, Networking;
Vanessa Rios, Associate in Arts;
Melody Vasquez, Medical Office Administration; and
Shakara Wallace, Computer Information

Maria Robles, Associate in General Education

Brianna Enroth, Dental Hygiene

Mount Olive
Deborah Chunn, Turfgrass Management;
Katherine Dissinger, Office Administration;
Brittney Graves, Pharmacy Technology;
Jonathan Hartley, Automotive Systems;
Kaitlyn Kmucha, Associate in Arts;
Jason Li, Associate in Arts;
Ethan Taylor, Electronics Engineering;
Brandy Valdez, Sustainable Agriculture;
Amanda Vickery, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Lindsay Williams, Associate in Arts; and
Tabitha Jackson, Medical Office Administration

Newton Grove
Jeremy Jastremski, Automotive Systems (ASEP);
Alexandra Painter, Associate in Arts; and
Natalie Ward, Associate in Arts

Heather Aycock, Associate in Arts;
Devin Best, Automotive Systems;
Bailee Daniels, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Jacob Dawson, Associate in Arts;
Megan Dickenson, Associate in Arts;
Jacquelyn Franklin, Networking;
Joseph Greer, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Danielle Gutierrez, Associate in Arts;
Sydney Lupton, Associate in Arts;
Mary Newcomb, Human Services;
Joni Robinson, Medical Office Administration;
Jeffrey Smith, Networking;
Danielle Stephenson, Associate in Arts;
Marissa Wood, Pharmacy Technology; and
Kaitlyn Wright, Business Administration

Pink Hill
Brittany Houston, Medical Assisting

Sharita Byrd, Associate in Arts;
Shawna Christie, Pharmacy Technology;
Stephanie Daughtry, Business Administration; and
William Lipscomb, Industrial Systems

Stephen Malile, Aviation Systems

Shaun Ray, Computer Information

Seven Springs
Laurie Stensland, Criminal Justice;
Janelle Barbour, Accounting;
Myrka Flores-Sanchez, Associate in Arts;
Alisha Thompson, Computer Information;
Dorian Wences, Business Administration/Operations Management

Michael Clarke, Associate in Arts;
Amanda Hendrix, Associate in Arts; and
Kelly Tyner, Business Administration

Snow Hill
Yesenia Flores, Associate in Arts; and
Kayla Radford, Associate in Arts

Michelle Novotny, Business Administration/Operations Management

Elizabeth Kennedy, Associate in Arts; and
Michael Smith, Emergency Management 

James Morrisey, Electronics Engineering 

Tyler Boykin, Computer Information;
Marquitta Jackson, Pharmacy Technology;
Adam Shackelford, Associate in Arts; and
Catherine Wetherington, Agribusiness 

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