My Bison ID

Your access to Okta, WCC Email, Webadvisor, Moodle, AVISO, and WayneCC Alert.

New User Login

WCC students and employees must register with Okta, our single sign on application, before they can log in to the various WCC Online services. These services include Moodle, WCC Email, Webadvisor, and WayneCC Alert.

If you are brand new to WCC, when you first sign in with Okta you must use a default username and password.

Your username is your first initial, middle initial, full last name, followed by the last four digits of your ID number.

EXAMPLE: If user James William Smith has a WCC ID number of 234567, his username would be – jwsmith4567.

Your password is the first letter of your last name capitalized, the second letter of your last name in lowercase, then your six digit birthdate.

EXAMPLE: Sm050990 for a last name of Smith and a birthdate of May 9, 1990.

(Your password can be changed after your initial login.)

Once your Okta account is created, you can access Online Services through the Okta portal, the Quick Links drop down menu at the top of the WCC website, or by going to the Login section here on the My Bison ID website.

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Open Computer Lab helpdesk at 919-739-7032 or


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