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Your access to WCC Email, Webadvisor, Moodle, GradesFirst, and WayneCC Alert.

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New Student Login

New WCC students must create their password before they can login to the various WCC Online services. These services include Moodle, WCC Email, Webadvisor, and WayneCC Alert.

Once the password is created, students can access these Online Services through the Quick Links drop down menu at the top of the WCC website, or by going to the Login section here on the My Bison ID website.

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Your My Bison ID (username and password) gives you access to Moodle, WCC Email, Webadvisor, and WayneCC Alert. Your username never changes, but your password expires every 90 days.

If you are having login issues, it will most likely be due to one of two reasons:

  1. Your password has expired.
  2. You have forgotten your password.

The best policy is to setup a reminder to yourself to reset your password before the 90 day period ends.

Click on the appropriate button below to reset your My Bison ID password now.

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