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Scholars of Global Distinction


The Scholars of Global Distinction program is a partnership between community colleges in North Carolina and UNC World View. The program was developed to give you the global competencies and skills needed for our increasingly diverse workforce.

When you transfer to a four-year school or begin your career, the notation “Graduated with Global Distinction” on your transcript or resumé will set you apart from others by showing that you have a more comprehensive understanding of global cultural, political and historical information.

Wayne Community College’s leadership and faculty are committed to develop and offer globally intensive courses and activities with the goal to create a truly global campus and to give you a world class education.

Program Requirements

  • Complete at least 15 credit hours of globally intensive courses
  • Participate in eight international activities and dialogues
  • Gain 30 hours of global experience in a study abroad or domestic inter-cultural experience
  • Complete a capstone presentation related to their global learning experience

How to Apply

To get started in the program, please contact:

Allyson Daly


Ariana Reyes

Inherently Global Courses

These courses include foreign language and/or have the words World, Global, International, Comparative, or Culture in their titles.

DepartmentCourseCourse Name
LanguagesSPA 111Elementary Spanish
SPA 112Elementary Spanish II
SPA 181 and 182Spanish Lab
ENG 261 and 262World Literature
COM 140Introduction to Intercultural Communication
HumanitiesGEO 111World Regional Geography
GEO 112Cultural Geography
REL 110World Religions
HIS 111World Civilizations I
HIS 112World Civilizations II

Globalized Courses

Courses made global through the efforts of the teacher with the collaboration of the Scholars of Global Distinction and an approved syllabus.

DepartmentCourseCourse NameInstructor
ScienceBIO 110Principles of BiologyLynn Swafford
HumanitiesART 111Art AppreciationSoundra Beamon
ART 111Art AppreciationJennifer Jackson
ART 111Art AppreciationAngie Waller
ART 114Art History Survey IAngie Waller
DRA 111Theatre AppreciationTracy Notley
ECO 252Principles of MacroeconomicsDan Fagan
HEA 110Personal Health/WellnessAaron Narron
HUM 110Technology and SocietySteve Crowder
HUM 115Critical ThinkingChris McCallister
HUM 230Leadership DevelopmentDan Fagan
HUM 230Leadership DevelopmentNathan Johnson
MUS 110Music AppreciationRandi Chalfant
MUS 110Music AppreciationQuerida Hills
MUS 110Music AppreciationJonathan Saeger
PHI 215Philosophical IssuesSteve Crowder
PHI 240Introduction to EthicsSteve Crowder
PSY 150General PsychologyBill Reboli
PSY 150General PsychologyMonica Sweigart
PSY 150General PsychologyNathan Johnson
PSY 241Developmental PsychologyBill Reboli
PSY 281Abnormal PsychologyBill Reboli
REL 110World ReligionsArthur Brown
REL 110World ReligionsMeredith “Tommy” Colie
SOC 210Introduction to SociologyDuane Everhart
SPA 111Elementary Spanish IHakima Harris
SPA 112Elementary Spanish IIHakima Harris
SPA 120Spanish for the WorkplaceHakima Harris
SPA 181Spanish Lab 1Hakima Harris
SPA 182Spanish Lab 2Hakima Harris
SPA 211Intermediate Spanish IHakima Harris
SPA 212Intermediate Spanish IIHakima Harris
SPA 281Spanish Lab 3Hakima Harris
SPA 282Spanish Lab 4Hakima Harris
MathMAT 143 (EXCEPT SECTION IN03)Quantitative Literacy (Online)Instructors Vary
MAT 152Statistical Methods IMary Felzer
LanguagesCOM 110Introduction to CommunicationAriana Reyes
COM 140Introduction to Intercultural CommunicationAriana Reyes
COM 231Public SpeakingAriana Reyes
ENG 111Writing and InquiryAllyson Daly
ENG 112Writing and Researching in the DisciplinesAllyson Daly
ENG 112Writing and Researching in the DisciplinesLisa Phelps
ENG 235Survey of Film as LiteratureDeniz Tuck
HIS 111World Civilizations IDean Lawson
HIS 112World Civilizations IIDean Lawson