College Preparatory

The Academic Skills Center offers a college preparatory program which allows individuals to review or rebuild their basic skills prior to enrolling in college. The health occupations programs require applicants to achieve minimally acceptable scores on the COMPASS placement tests.

These tests measure reading, math, and English skills. For those individuals who choose to study before taking the COMPASS test, the Center’s staff gives them diagnostic tests and designs a study plan to address their academic needs. Individuals choose their own study schedule within the Center’s hours of operation. No fee is charged for this service.


English Worksheets :

Words That Make Sentences
Words That Enrich The Sentence
Verb Forms
Agreement Of Subject And Verb
Rules For Subject-Verb Agreement
Using The Right Modifier
Choosing The Right Pronoun
Word Groups That Build Up Sentences
Avoiding Fragments And Run-ons
Learning To Punctuate
Apostrophes And Quotation Marks



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