(NOTE: Click here for Online ed2go Registration instructions.)

Registration for Continuing Education Courses is fast and easy!

Follow these steps and you are on your way:

1. Review the available classes from the course schedule. You will need the Start Date and Course Title.

2. Download the Continuing Education Registration Form and fill out all items.  You will need one form for each course you wish to take.

Click on the Registration Form picture to download (119Kb-Adobe PDF Format) or click here. The registration form can also be picked-up on the WCC campus in the Walnut building.

If needed, you can get the FREE Adobe PDF Reader (required to open your registration form) here: Adobe Reader.

3. Be sure to sign and date the form (use the new Digital Signature option if desired–just click the Signature block and follow the
directions).  NOTE: If you use the Digital Signature you can FAX or email your form directly to us!

4. Print out your registration form and Mail or Drop-off, or Fax/email the digital copy  to the Continuing Education Services division with your course fee.

5. Continuing Education Cashier will discuss your payment method of choice, and receive funds for your course fees.  We accept Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card. – NOTE:  All Course Fees are DUE at time of registration(See General Information for additional fees.)

Drop-off completed Registration Form to:

Walnut Building – Room 127, Continuing Education Services receptionist

Fax/Email completed Registration Form to:

(919) 739-7133


email to:

Mail completed Registration Form to:

Wayne Community College
Continuing Education  ATTN: Registrar
P.O. Box 8002
Goldsboro, NC 27533-8002

Company & Organization Registration and Payment Process:

All companies and organizations are required to utilize the Sponsor Billing process to ease the payment process for your employees/students for Continuing Education classes at Wayne Community College. The process is simple. You will not need to send a company/organization check/credit card with your employee at the time of registration. All you have to submit is a signed company/organization letter or memorandum on letterhead with the following key items:

  1. Company/Organization point of contact information (in the event there are any questions regarding a student or payment)
  2. State the intent of who and what class(es) your company/organization will be responsible for in the registration process (i.e. tuition,
    parking/ID, testing, books, etc.)

Once we have received the letter/memorandum & student(s) registration(s), our Business Office will submit an invoice to your company/organization. Accompanying this memorandum you will find, examples of a Sponsor Billing notification. Also, you may access our latest registration form online at  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please contact:

Angela Wiggs
CES Director of Admissions & Records
919-739-6936 or

Maria Rigdon
CES Admissions Technician/Sponsor Billing
919-739-6934 or

Click here  For Continuing Education Sample Sponsor Billing Letters

Sliding Scale For Course Fees

1 to 24 hours – $70.00

25 to 50 hours – $125.00

51+ hours – $180.00

NOTE: Charges are subject to change based on budget.

NOTE 1: We strongly suggest you leave off your Social Security Number information when you Fax your registration.  You can call our office with your Social Security Number for security purposes.

Follow These Steps To Enroll & Register In An ed2go Course:

  1. Download the Continuing Education Registration Form (see link above-one for each class), Sign the form and be sure to indicate the Class Start Date and Course Title.  Also, please fill out all items on the form except: Leave the CID Number Blank and Leave the Term line Blank.
  2. Go to the ed2go web site and visit our Online Instruction Center:
    ED2GO ONLINE INSTRUCTION CENTER. Find the course (or courses) you wish to take.  {NOTE: you may want to Bookmark the Online Instruction Center for future reference}.  At the Online Instruction Center, click the link for your selected course, and then click the “Enroll Now” button. Follow the instructions and be certain to record your Username and Password, you will need them later to log-in to your online course.
  3. Print out your registration form and Mail, Drop-off, Fax, or Email it to the Continuing Education division with your course fee (we accept Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card–Note: All Course Fees are due at time of registration).

See above for Mail, Drop-off, Fax and email instructions

IMPORTANT ed2go Information

  1. We must receive your registration materials approximately 3-5 days prior to the start date of your course to allow for processing.
  2. On the start date of your course, go to your Online CLASSROOM and log-in to your course.  Follow the instructions you received during Enrollment.  Be certain to attempt the First Quiz as soon as possible to show entry into the course.
  3. For course material questions, etc., go to the HELP SECTION.  For Log-In assistance, contact Monica Edwards Miller at (919) 739-6933.

IMPORTANT: You must attempt the first quiz no later than the release of Lesson 3 to Verify Student Entry, prevent Withdrawal, and Receive Credit for your Online course. You do not need to score well on this first attempt—you can take the Quizzes over and over—we only use your highest score for grading purposes.

Links To Other Continuing Education Services Forms:

Click here  For Continuing Education Course Evaluation Form (downloadable pdf)
Click here  For Continuing Education Course Evaluation Form (electronic)

If you have questions about the CES Registration Process, please Contact Us for assistance.