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Workforce Continuing Education Scholarship Information:

GEER Scholarship (Governor’s Emergency Education Relief)

The GEER Scholarship Program provides scholarships for eligible community college workforce continuing education students pursuing high-demand workforce training programs within ten workforce pathways leading to a State or industry-recognized credential.

The scholarship is based on student need, local industry needs, number of eligible students, and cost of course, up to a maximum award of either $750 per course or the cost of the course fee(s) if the fee(s) exceed $750. The scholarship helps cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, credentialing tests, transportation, childcare and other components of the total cost of attendance.

Recipients of this scholarship must be a resident of North Carolina and must be enrolled in a short-term training pathway or course that is 96 hours or more and leads to a state or industry-recognized credential.

The approved pathways:

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