Criminal Justice Technology

Join a program that will teach you how our criminal justice system works and what your part in it could be. Our emphasis of study is on criminal justice systems, criminology, juvenile justice, criminal and constitutional law, investigative principles, ethics, and community relations. As a graduate, you could build a career as a police officer, a deputy sheriff, a county detention officer, a state trooper, an intensive probation/parole surveillance officer, correctional officer, or a loss prevention specialist. You can expect a starting salary range of $25,000 to $32,000. Preparation for employment in this field includes lectures, discussion, role-playing, and simulation activities.

Credentials available: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice Technology

Average Class Size: 20 – 30 students

Things to Consider: This program is available entirely on-line as C.O.P.S. (Criminal Justice Technology On-line for Police/Corrections Services).

Criminal Justice Tech./Latent Evidence

Are you a fan of CSI? Then why not enroll in the program that will prepare you to be a crime scene processor? Our program prepares you for processing a crime scene, interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspects, and doing in-depth analysis of latent prints. Graduates can work as crime scene processors for law enforcement agencies and can expect a salary range of $28,000 to $32,000. Learning opportunities in this program include lecture and hands–on labs on how to process evidence found at crime scenes.

Credentials available: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice Tech./Latent Evidence

Average Class Size: 10 – 20 students

Things to Consider: This program is designed to prepare students to process crime scenes, interview/interrogate witnesses, and identify suspects through ridge analysis; however, it is not designed to prepare students to work in forensic labs. Students in this program may be eligible for a Top Ten Scholarship.

Curriculum Courses by Semester

Criminal Justice Technology Degree (A55180)
Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence Degree (A5518A)
Criminal Justice Technology/Management Certificate (C55180)
Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence Certificate (C5518A)

Gainful Employment Report

Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence

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