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Tuition and Fees

The Cashier’s Office is located in the Dogwood Building, office 140. The office can be reached at 919 739-7090 or 919 739-7093. For tuition payments, we accept personal checks, money orders, and VISA or Mastercard debit and credit cards.

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Tuition for students taking fewer than 16 semester hours is $76.00 per semester hour for in-state students and $268.00 per semester hour for out-of-state students. Students will be charged a $35 student activity fee and a $32 technology fee.

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Note: Tuition is set by State Policy and subject to change without notice.

Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes

Under North Carolina law, a person may qualify as a resident for tuition purposes in North Carolina, thereby being eligible for a tuition rate lower than that for nonresidents. Copies of the applicable law and of regulations for implementation are available for inspection in the Learning Resource Center and may be examined upon request.

In essence, the controlling North Carolina Statute (G.S. 116-143.1) requires that “to qualify as a resident for tuition purposes, a person must have established legal residence (domicile) in North Carolina and maintained that legal residence for at least 12 months immediately prior to his or her classification as a resident for tuition purposes.”

Payment of Fees

  1. Tuition and fees for each semester are payable on or before the date of registration. Any student who is unable to make payment at that time must make a special arrangement with the Financial Aid Office.
  2. A student who has an outstanding balance due to the College is not eligible for registration. This includes any outstanding balance at another institution of the community college system.
  3. No student will be allowed to graduate or to receive a diploma, certificate, or transcript of his record, nor will any information concerning his record be forwarded to any other institution or other person, so long as the delinquent account is outstanding.

Other Expenses

Audit Fee
An audit fee of $76.00 per semester hour for in-state students and $268.00 per semester hour for out-of-state students must be paid except in the case of full-time (16 semester hours) students who may audit with no additional charge.

Credit by Examination
A fee for credit by examination of $76.00 per semester hour for in-state students and $264.00 per semester hour for out-of-state students must be paid except in the case of full-time students (16 semester hours) for whom there would be no additional charge.

Applicants for graduation must purchase their caps, gowns, and diplomas. These items must be purchased when the application for graduation is processed.

Student Accident Insurance is now provided for every student enrolled in a curriculum program at no cost to the students. Students enrolled in the nursing programs must provide evidence of coverage by Health Insurance.

Textbooks and Supplies
Students must purchase textbooks and other necessary supplies. For their convenience, the College maintains a bookstore where these items may be purchased. The cost of these items varies according to the program of study taken by the student.

Room and Board
WCC does not offer on-campus or off-campus room and board to students.

Licensure and Examination Fees
Several of the programs at Wayne Community College lead toward graduation in fields which require an examination or a series of examinations in order to work or practice. National and/or state certification of skills and competencies is important in obtaining employment. The trend in recent years is toward more examinations in more fields. The following information summarizes the current status of examination requirements.

Program Examination(s) Approximate Cost
Aviation Oral & Practical Exams $475.00
FAA Final Written Exams $180.00
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Refrigeration Exam $ 50.00
Refrigerant Certification $ 25.00
Dental Assisting Dental Assisting National Board $340.00
Dental Hygiene Council of the National Board of Dental Examiners $285.00
N.C. State Board Exams $75.00
or Regional Boards (CITA) $1,200.00 – $1,225.00
Practical Nursing National Council Licensure Exam-PN $308.00
Associate Degree Nursing National Council Licensure Exam-RN $308.00
Medical Assisting American Assoc. for Medical Assistants