Apply Now – Information For Future DE Students

At this time the application process for Distance Ed students who wish to take online classes through Wayne Community College can nearly be done completely online without having to step foot onto our campus.

The application can be done online through College Foundation of NC or by mailing an application and your transcripts to the college, all of which can be done without visiting the WCC campus.

However, an interview with one of our counselors is required to attend classes either online or on-campus, which has always been conducted on-campus. In the near future, we are hoping to be able to conduct this interview process via streaming video online. Of course, this will require you to have a webcam as part of your internet setup.

More information about this completely off-campus application process for distance ed students will be coming soon.

Let Your Advisor Know – You Want Online Classes

Once you have been accepted to WCC, make sure you tell your advisor that you intend to take online classes when you are registering. Otherwise, they may accidentally register you for on-campus classes.

Visit the Apply Now page to get started at WCC.