Computer-Integrated Machining

You can MAKE IT! Make what? Anything! Make precision parts for race cars, the space shuttle, military equipment, paintball guns, golf clubs, motor cycles, ATVs, whistles, and tools – just about anything! You can join an elite group of craftsmen in a career with a bright future in machining technology.

Jobs are available locally and worldwide. Graduates of the WCC Computer-Integrated Machining program are recruited by local and regional industries.

The WCC Computer-Integrated Machining program has flourished because of its instructional reputation. The faculty uses innovative teaching methods supported by state-of-the-art equipment. Hands-on class projects help students understand the application of their classroom studies.

The Computer-Integrated Machining curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for a high-paying career in manufacturing. Through a combination of class, lab and Work-Based Learning work experience, students will learn to interpret blueprints, set up manual and computer numerical control (CNC) machines, understand basic and advanced machining operations, use computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to program sophisticated CNC machine tools, and make decisions to insure that work quality is maintained.

Most students have jobs before graduation day. Entry-level salaries range from $24,000 to $40,000 and experienced machinists command salaries of $60,000+ annually. Graduates could work in small job shops, large manufactures, public institutions, and governmental agencies as operators, machinists, set-up, machining technicians, CNC machine programmers, CAD/CAM programmers, tool and die makers, machine and tool sales, and shop owners.

Credentials available: Associate of Applied Science Degree, and Diploma in Machining Technology

Average Class Size: 10 – 15

Things to Consider: The demand for machinists is high and projected to grow rapidly. Employment is projected to grow with the new manufacturers in Wayne County and at the N.C. Global TransPark needing 30 to 50 machinist in next two years. For students who like to travel, there are jobs all over the world just waiting for you! This degree can be transferred to East Carolina University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.