Simulation Game Development

apply-on-campusTransform your love of computer simulation into a challenging and profitable career! Courses cover the creative arts, visual arts, audio/video technology, creative writing, modeling, design, programming and management. You will receive hands-on training in design, 3D modeling, software engineering, database administration and programming, all necessary for creating simulations and games. Your career options include jobs as designers, animators, engineers and administrators in entertainment, healthcare, engineering, forensics, education, NASA, military, and governmental agencies. The booming simulation and gaming industry in North Carolina is very lucrative and you can expect an entry-level salary range of $43,486 to $50,000.

Things to Consider: There are more than 30 simulation and game companies in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) and more are scheduled to open within the next few years.

Degree Program
Simulation and Game Development (A25450)

Certificate Program
Simulation and Game Development (C25450)


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