The Wayne Community College counseling staff is here to assist you in all parts of the college experience, from the very beginning, right up to graduation. We do make appointments, but drop ins are always welcome. Placement testing, personal counseling and working with students with special needs are a few of the services we offer and if we can’t answer your question, we usually know who can. Helping you navigate a successful college experience is what we are all about, so always feel free to stop by.

Placement Testing

At the start of your educational path at Wayne, you will need to take placement tests in math, reading, English, and computer literacy. These placement tests are designed to help you be successful by placing you in the appropriate courses to meet your needs. Please visit the Placement Testing page for testing dates, information and review documents.

WCC Release of Placement Test Score Information

The Federal Privacy Act requires written consent from students before the college can release their placement test scores. Please complete the Release of Placement Test Scores Form and mail or fax it to Counseling Services. Our mailing address and fax number are on the form for your convenience.

Please allow at least 24 hours from the time of request before attempting to pick up your placement test scores in person.

Clinical Services

College can be an exciting time of new challenges and new problems. If you find yourself overwhelmed with issues like stress or family matters, a licensed therapist is available to help you. Community referrals are made when deemed necessary.

Because You Asked

Have a question or concern that you would like help from a counselor with? Because You Asked gives you a chance to ask questions that concern mental health issues in an anonymous format. We look forward to assisting you with any concerns you may have.


Here you will find a list of resources that include local contacts for Emergency Shelters and Services, Domestic Violence, Hotlines, Transportation and more. You will also find online resources for Career Information, College Connections, Counseling Sites, Financial Aid, Disability Services, Testing, and more.


Carl Brow

Counselor- Allied Health

Counseling Services



Melanie Jenkins

Counselor- Clinical Services

Counseling Services



Elvira Johnson

Counselor/Career Services

Counseling Services

919 739 7005


Dee Foss

Disability Services Counselor

Counseling Services

919 739-6729


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